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Flashback Friday: Florida Delegation and Civil Rights in the 1960s

Let’s focus today on the two items of momentous congressional legislation pushed in the 1960s by President Lyndon Johnson and passed over the objection over the vast majority of the Florida Delegation. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 received zero votes from members from the Deep South and very few from the peripheral south. The […]

New LCV/Sierra Club Ad in Florida CD-13 race

Some background on the Climate Change debate in this race from the Tampa Bay Times. This ad is from the  Sierra Club PAC and LCV Victory Fund.

Thursday Bookshelf – The New Deal and the birth of the modern liberal Democratic Party

 Happy Days Are Here Again: The 1932 Democratic Convention, the Emergence of FDR–and How America Was Changed Forever and American Experience: FDR Being a Democrat today inevitably leads back to the New Deal and how the party structure in the United States essentially changed at that point in time. The definitive event was the 1932 Democratic National […]

Call for Contributors

If you are a progressive or just simply have something to say about Florida Politics, we are are always open to  written contributions. With legislative session beginning and election season fast approaching, TFS aims to elevate our website and social media efforts.   We encourage writers to have divergent points of view from one another […]

Independent Reports: Florida Economy Lagging

Governor Scott is touting Florida’s allegedly strong economic numbers but two independent studies in consecutive weeks pour some reality on the GOP’s party. Last week the Collins Institute released a report that was alarming indicating among other things that Florida is completely incapable of attracting the types of high-wage jobs the state needs.  In our […]

Sorry Charlie YouTube – FL Democrats and Jeb Bush

A common theme of the last two weeks highlighted in this “Sorry Charlie” video.

How Liberal is President Obama?

If you listen to some Republican politicians or Ted Nugent (who had a particularly tense interview last night on CNN with Erin Burnett) President Obama is a socialist taking the USA down the road to being another version of the Soviet Union. However this discussion is absurd not only on the surface but when you […]