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DNC Fraud Lawsuit: must-see Jimmy Dore interview of Jared Beck

News has come at us fast and furious since Friday. In addition to Hurricane Harvey and the resignation/shitcanning of Sebastian Gorka from his ill-defined White House advisory position, we also learned that the DNC Fraud Lawsuit was dismissed. Same as with the motion to dismiss, I have a lot to say about the judge’s order […]

Andrew series Part V: In the wake of destruction south Florida rebuilds and transforms

Editors Note: This is Part V of a series on Hurricane Andrew  Parts I, II, III and IV of the series can be found here.  When comprehensive histories of southeast Florida are written or made into PBS documentaries like those of Chicago, New York and other great American metropolis’, Andrew will be one of the […]

What we’re reading: Hell and High Water —prescient ProPublica hurricane report

Some people stock up on batteries and bottled water. I prepare for hurricane season by sharpening my social media follows of meteorologists and climate experts. I’m a severe weather junkie. It goes beyond hurricanes. I look forward to summer in Florida because I’m crazy about storms and lightning—I love to sit out on the porch […]

Sources: Fort Lauderdale NASL team owners likely to file for bankruptcy to avoid paying players and other debts

Earlier today on Twitter I reported that the Brazilian-based owners of Miami FC LLC, the NASL club in Fort Lauderdale plan to file for US bankruptcy later this week and have notified players that they will not be receiving their back pay or current pay. Here are the tweets and we will of course be […]

A brief guide to (possibly?) racist place names in Florida

With the recent discussions as to renaming places, tearing down statues, etc I decided to put together a list of place I know off hand in Florida that are named for people that might offend a lot of our readers. This is not by any means a comprehensive list and I personally side with letting […]

Andrew series Part IV: President Bush, Governor Chiles, FEMA and the botched storm response

Part I Part II Part III  This is part four of our month-long series on Hurricane Andrew President George H.W. Bush had won Florida by 22 points in 1988, his best performance in the southeast United States. Having just been renominated for a second term the previous week, Bush was looking forward to hitting the […]

Flashback Friday (Wednesday special): August 23/24, 1992 – Andrew races toward south Florida and makes landfall

Part I – 1966 to 1992 Part II – The week leading into Andrew Having not been hit directly by a storm of any consequence since Inez in 1966, on the evening of Sunday, August 23, 1992 a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew a rapidly intensifying storm moving quickly over the Bahamas was inevitable for […]

Have your say: Is #PunchaNazi the rallying cry for a leftist revival? Should it be?

#PunchaNazi became a trending hashtag this week as the fallout from Charlottesville and the President’s rather inept handling of the situation spread. The violent tendencies of the extremists on the right-wing of American society is nothing new. One only needs to look as far back as Oklahoma City and the abortion clinic bombings of the […]

Trump’s political war aligns with white nationalism

Two days before the deadly riots in Charlottesville an insane, paranoid White House National Security memo emerged that helps explain Trump’s flaccid response to the armed insurrection of white nationalists at University of Virginia. If you’re wondering how the President of the United States could say there are “fine people” within the ranks of the Nazi brotherhood, […]

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Andrew heads toward south Florida

Last week we discussed the landscape of southeastern Florida from 1966 to 1992. As Tropical Storm Andrew churned in the Atlantic over a week’s journey away from Florida, eyes weren’t fixated on the tropics. In the days before Twitter, smart phones and the internet you had to wait for your weather report on the local […]