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Flashback Friday (Wednesday special): August 23/24, 1992 – Andrew races toward south Florida and makes landfall

Part I – 1966 to 1992 Part II – The week leading into Andrew Having not been hit directly by a storm of any consequence since Inez in 1966, on the evening of Sunday, August 23, 1992 a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew a rapidly intensifying storm moving quickly over the Bahamas was inevitable for […]

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Andrew heads toward south Florida

Last week we discussed the landscape of southeastern Florida from 1966 to 1992. As Tropical Storm Andrew churned in the Atlantic over a week’s journey away from Florida, eyes weren’t fixated on the tropics. In the days before Twitter, smart phones and the internet you had to wait for your weather report on the local […]

Must read: Washington Post on what happens if a Katrina-like storm hits the Tampa Bay area

A must read – The Washington Post has analyzed what happens if the Tampa Bay area, the luckiest part of the southeast which is now going on a 100 years since direct strike from a Hurricane got hit by a storm the size and scope of Katrina (When we refer to Katrina, we refer to […]

Flashback Friday: October 1966 to August 1992 – the complacency that led to the calm before the storm (part one of a month-long series)

Editors Note: This is the first in a series of articles on TFS about Hurricane Andrew. Before, during, after… A sense of complacency. A sense of invincibility. A sense of invulnerability. A sense of arrogance. That was southeast Florida in the 1980’s. The 1980’s were heady times in southeast Florida. Miami benefited from the drug […]

Budgets cuts, politics and tropical weather

Watching the tropics for potential storm threats is an active part of being a Floridian. But that might become harder according to forecasters. The AP has an excellent story today about budget cuts and how it is potentially impacting our ability to track and forecast storms. But in this partisan climate in Washington, few if […]

Wettest June in memory might get even wetter – the time to think about Hurricane Season is now

Florida’s decade-long run of avoiding direct hits from Hurricanes ended last summer when Hurricane Hermine hit the Big Bend area dumping rain and damaging winds throughout the region. Hurricane Matthew didn’t hit the state but hugged the coast and did deliver Hurricane force winds in Brevard, Volusia, Flager, St John’s and Duval counties. Having woken […]