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Comparing proactive Irma prep under Governor Scott to reactive Ian prep under Governor DeSantis

I fired off this tweet storm yesterday evening after going through my own notes on Hurricane Irma taken in September 2017. It’s pretty clear despite my personal distaste for Governor Scott’s approach, it was more effective in coordination with local governments as well as proactive about evacuations than the DeSantis approach in Ian. For those […]

Looking back at Hurricane Andrew

Five years ago, to mark the 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew we ran a special series. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, it’s time reup this. Here are links from our archives: Part I: 1966 to 1992 Complacency and good luck for south Florida  Part II: The week leading into Andrew  NOAA image Part III […]

How a 1926 Florida Hurricane stimulated the Great Depression

From the Florida History Podcast archives we discuss the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 and how it stimulated the Great Depression and ended the Florida Land Boom.

Hurricane Wilma remembered

We look back at Hurricane Wilma’s impact on southern Florida in this podcast.

Podcast: Remembering Katrina’s impacts on Florida

Hurricane Katrina is infamous for what it did to Mississippi and Louisiana but the Florida Panhandle got serious impacts from the storm, and its made its first US landfall in southeast Florida, dumping more rain on Perrine than any other spot in the US. Podcast: Katrina and Florida

Ian: Watches and warnings extended south

I am surprised the NHC has still opted to leave Collier County out of the Hurricane Warning area but as the storm models shift east/south and more importantly, Ian on visible radar is significantly east of where it was projected to be at this time Sunday, additional warnings and watches have been issued. New additions: […]

Florida Hurricanes since 1950 – category, landfall, intensity, deaths, etc

STORM CATEGORY AT LANDFALL DATE OF LANDFALL YEAR MAX WINDS (KTS) PRESSURE AT LANDFALL LOCATION OF LANDFALL FLORIDA DEATHS NOTES Easy 3 September 5 1950 105 ? Cedar Key 2 King 4 October 18 1950 115 ? Miami 3 Florence 1 September 26 1953 70 ? Fort Walton 0 Flossy 1 September 24 1956 75 […]

Ian – Southwest Florida now squarely in the target area, NHC late pivot in Watches and Warnings are a rare move

For many who follow on Twitter, they know I’ve felt for days Lee and Charlotte County would potentially get impacts from Ian. The Euro model never shifted that far west, and history tells us southwest Florida tends to be a magnet for storms in the Gulf. The uncertainty of the forecast has led to the […]

Florida’s September Hurricane History since 1935

With Ian barreling toward a Florida landfall, we recorded a special Florida History Podcast, reviewing Hurricanes that impacted Florida in September, beginning with the 1935 Labor Day Storm, the strongest ever storm to impact the United States. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, […]

Express Lane Sept 26: Tampa Bay Hurricane History, Charlie Crist in PR

As the state casts its eye on Ian and the constantly shifting models, one thing remains clear. The Tampa Bay Area which has not been directly hit by a Hurricane since 1921 (1968 if you count Citrus County) is going to get a real dose of what the rest of the state has suffered through. […]