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Poll: Should Nan Rich Drop Out of the Governor’s Race?

Pressure continues to grow for Nan Rich to pull a George LeMeiux and drop out of the Democratic Primary for Governor after qualifying. The increased calls for Senator Rich to drop out have come below the radar in the form of a whisper campaign but include some establishment figures in the Democratic Party. Should Rich […]

Monday Musings: Leadership Blue, Glo Smith and Race, Carole Crist deals with Possible Sexism, Rick Scott and Rural Voters, Travel to Washington DC

Congratulations to the Florida Democratic Party and Chairwoman Allison Tant on a successful (Jefferson-Jackson ) Leadership Blue weekend. The commitment the FDP is making to a field program is laudable though in fairness it is too late for 2014 to make a big difference. Still the mere discussion of this by the party chair is […]

State House Race Ratings – June 29

With the qualifying process complete we have updated our State House Race Ratings and will do so every Sunday from now until the election. Our Congressional Race Ratings will return this Wednesday on a weekly basis as well now that NRCC and DCCC decisions have been made regarding multiple Florida seats. A general trend towards […]

State House Races and Candidate Recruitment

Tonight, many Florida Democrats will gather in Hollywood for the Leadership Blue dinner, formerly known as Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Unfortunately while the party potentially has much to look forward to, a successful election year in the State House is unlikely to be  among the positives of 2014. Since our first post-qualifying State House race ratings will […]

Rethinking Rural Campaign Strategies for Progressives

I spent Wednesday afternoon driving through rural counties on the way to Tallahassee and I noticed the different types of political advertisements on the way which made me once again begin to ponder rural Florida politics.  There were several colorful anti-Obama signs, lots of local election signs in various colors and forms, and even a […]

Ann Coulter Again Proves How Idiotic She Is

Ann Coulter penned one of the craziest pieces ever, even by her incredible standards this week. She theorized that soccer’s growing popularity in the United States is leading to the nation’s moral decay. Rather than take her down myself, two of my colleagues at World Soccer Talk, where I serve as the Managing Editor did […]

Does Charlie Crist Support Corporate Tax Credits for Private Schools?

Despite being endorsed by the FEA last month, Charlie Crist has evidently per his website persisted with support of Corporate Tax Credits for Private Schools. The Education section of his website indicates support for this scheme and an expansion to public schools. As Governor, Charlie will fully restore Rick Scott’s cuts to education. Furthermore, he’ll […]

TFS Website News

Hi folks, apologies for my lack of posting lately as the World Cup and my responsibilities at other websites and media outlets connected to the tournament have kept me busy. Special thanks to Katy and Justin for all their hard work in holding down the fort. A few quick announcements related to our website: Monday’s […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Candidate qualifying is over and rumors are swirling over L.G. running mates for Governor Crist. Leave all respectful comments here.

William Rankin, Please Do Not Give Me Childbearing Advice. Please.

UPDATE:  After this blog was published, Rankin (or someone from his campaign) took down the offensive “Women for Rankin” language that was so objectionable.  We are glad that he responded so quickly and hope that his campaign will work inclusively in a manner that builds true coalitions with grassroots support.  Sexism is something that real […]