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Grayson’s ‘Just War’ of Words proves he’s got something to say | update 1

Clutch your pearls and hover over your favorite fainting couch. It’s primary season, so if you don’t already have one, here’s a link to DIY your own Fainting Couch and Toddler Bed. Build yours this weekend, because with 17 months until the election this baby is apt to see some action. Check out this couch […]

Monday Musings: 9/11 Memories, Crist Field and Turnout operation, Who is Leslie Wimes, Orange County, Joe Negron and Home Rule Hypocrisy

On 9/11/01 I was a student at New College of Florida. As you may remember, President George Bush was in Sarasota (where New College is located) and of course the whole campus has organized protests for that morning. I had gone to class and when I came back, one student was sitting out in the […]

Progressive Choice: Where Are They Now?

For months before the primary, the group Progressive Choice made headlines around the state with controversial mailings, radio ads, and a constant stream of Twitter and Facebook attacks on Charlie Crist.  Estimates of the spending by this campaign vary, but considering the sheer number of ads, the figures have to be in the seven-figure range […]

Is it time to worry about Charlie Crist poll numbers? No, if Democrats acknowledge 2014 is about turnout

With buzz around the state focusing on Governor Charlie Crist’s “sinking” poll numbers and a supposed Rick Scott “surge,” we once again hear from different quarters that Crist and the Democratic ticket need to replicate the Alex Sink playbook and chase mythical swing voters. Many Democratic voters have been sold on the need to nominate […]

Monday Musings: Sally Guthrie Passes, Tampa Bay Times Crist Profile Raises Eyebrows, Who is Stafford Jones, and is Nan Rich Gaining Momentum?

The Gainesville Democratic community was saddened with the death of one of our own this weekend. A warrior until the end, Sally Guthrie passed away late Saturday evening after having a heart attack canvassing for our local Democratic congressional candidate Marihelen Wheeler. Many local DECs, especially those in the smaller counties, are held together by […]

Nan Rich Should Repudiate “Support” From Mysterious Anti-Crist Groups

Senator Nan Rich has attempted to frame herself as the “true Democrat” and the progressive alternative to Governor Charlie Crist in the Democratic Primary election. But Senator Rich has become the inadvertent beneficiary of a campaign full of poorly executed dirty tricks by those opposing Governor Crist, presumably Republicans. The latest in the line of […]

TFS Endorsement: The Governors Race

The Democratic Primary for Governor has been far from a ho-hum affair. Former Governor Charlie Crist’s decision to become a Democrat in December 2012 set the stage for a complicated race. At that point in time, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich had announced her candidacy.   It was widely assumed even more Democrats would […]

Some Democrats Need to Stop Lobbing Bombs at Activists

For many months now the tension around activists involved the Gubernatorial Primary has reached a fever pitch. The name calling which has dominated social media in recent weeks reached a new level in the past seven days with the temperature rising seemingly on a daily basis. The willingness of some Nan Rich supporters to attack […]

Monday Musings – Charlie Crist v Nan Rich, Putin a Threat to Liberalism, Rick Scott’s Environmentalism, Possible Soccer Attendance Record for Florida and Lots of Redistricting

As it becomes clear that Crist has the nomination in the bag (cue 50 Nan Rich comments), there are real questions if the party is going to come together after August 26. With rumors abound of Jacksonville labor halls refusing to campaign for Crist and Progressive Choice insulting black voters around the state, the way […]

Poll: How Will Nan Rich Fare in the Democratic Primary?

Nan Rich has decided to continue her candidate for Governor despite what appear to outsiders to be incredibly long odds. Her persistence is admirable but in the minds of most futile. The poll question below asks what percentage of the Democratic Primary vote will Rich receive in her race against Governor Charlie Crist. Leave comments […]