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Nan Rich’s Math Problem

A discussion on the Annette Taddeo piece I wrote the other day quickly turned into a Nan Rich debate about her poll numbers. In the comments, there was a fairly heated discussion about Rich’s popularity numbers over time. As if on cue, Wednesday morning a new Quinnipiac poll was released, showing almost exactly what I predicted in […]

Annette Taddeo, Charlie Crist, Nan Rich, and the Democratic Base

This week Charlie Crist announced Annette Taddeo as his pick for Lieutenant Governor and running mate. Now, it has been clear for a while that Taddeo was a logical choice for Crist. While everyone was aware of his desire to appoint Dan Gelber to the position, the changing demographics of voters has come to mean […]

Poll Results: Should Nan Rich Drop Out of the Governor’s Race?

Almost 1.300 TFS readers voted in our poll this week (which has now been closed) and the results could not be tighter. A slight majority of you believed that former Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich should continue in the Governor’s race. Former Governor Charlie Crist has what appears to be an overwhelming lead in the […]

DPCF Calls Democratic Gubernatorial Primary “A Referendum on Jeb Bush’s Education Policies”

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) has compared the Democratic candidates for Governor specifically on Education issues. Highlights of the report include: DPCF’s K-12 education platform, which includes opposition to Bush privatization efforts — corporate tax scholarships (vouchers), high-stakes testing, school grades, merit pay and Common Core State Standards Rich’s long-time support of early […]

Poll: Should Nan Rich Drop Out of the Governor’s Race?

Pressure continues to grow for Nan Rich to pull a George LeMeiux and drop out of the Democratic Primary for Governor after qualifying. The increased calls for Senator Rich to drop out have come below the radar in the form of a whisper campaign but include some establishment figures in the Democratic Party. Should Rich […]

Monday Musings: Alachua County, Iraq, Eric Cantor Goes Down, Equality Florida’s Shocker, HD 114 and Erik Fresen

What is going on in north Florida? Alachua County is under siege from the tea party and now two DEC board members, including chairman Robert Prather, have stepped down. The beautiful blue spot in the sea of red is looking slightly purple these days, with the Tea-Party mayor making 3 out of 7 seats in […]

The Coming Charlie Crist Surge?

Earlier this week, reputable Democratic Polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP Polls) released their latest poll on the Florida Governor’s race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.  Last fall, Charlie Crist had a twelve point lead over the incumbent Rick Scott at 50/38, however according PPP’s latest numbers, the two candidates are deadlocked at 42%. […]

Should Nan Rich Drop Out? Final Poll Results and Analysis

On Monday, we asked the question whether Nan Rich should withdraw from the Governor’s Race? Our readers have spoken resoundingly by more than a two to one margin that she should not. The poll results shown below have deleted any second votes by readers and thus if you voted more than once from the same […]

Poll: Should Nan Rich Withdraw from the Governor’s Race?

UPDATE 5PM ET TUE 6/3 – THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED  Historically, based on empirical evidence, I believe Gubernatorial primaries have been productive exercises for political parties and candidates. By contrast however, a school of thought has developed in Florida Democratic Party circles that having a primary for Governor this year is hurting the party […]

NSF: Crist fundraising efforts remain competitive while Rich flounders

Below is News Service of Florida coverage of the April financial reporting numbers released yesterday. Charlie continues to raise the kind of money necessary to propel a proper statewide campaign while Sen. Nan Rich — though she also enjoys the support of the opaque outside group Progressive Choice — would have a hard time pecuniarily in many […]