DPCF Calls Democratic Gubernatorial Primary “A Referendum on Jeb Bush’s Education Policies”

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) has compared the Democratic candidates for Governor specifically on Education issues.

Highlights of the report include:

    • DPCF’s K-12 education platform, which includes opposition to Bush privatization efforts — corporate tax scholarships (vouchers), high-stakes testing, school grades, merit pay and Common Core State Standards
    • Rich’s long-time support of early childhood initiatives
    • Crist’s continued support of corporate tax scholarships (vouchers) 

Susan Smith, President of the DPCF said:

“There is no issue of greater importance to Florida’s future than education,”  “We compiled this report in order to inform voters about the policies of the Democratic candidates.” The DPCF previously issued a report comparing the candidates’ positions on gun safety issues. 
“When we look at the records of Senator Rich and Governor Crist, we can see a clear difference. Both support increased funding for public education, but Senator Rich strongly opposes former Governor Jeb Bush’s privatization agenda while Governor Crist appears to support Bush policies.”
“We’re alarmed that Governor Crist still supports the corporate tax scholarship program when we know those dollars go to unaccountable private schools,” said Smith. “His proposal to expand the program would further undermine the concept that public education is our shared responsibility.”
The entire report can be found here. 


  1. hancockross · ·

    I just don’t understand why Crist isn’t in a primary with Scott instead of Rich.


  2. Pre-school is the great equalizer when it comes to inequality. Give all 3 & 4 year olds the same preparedness for the future and the money spent will be saved on less drop outs, incarcerations, and crime. You want a world class workforce? It starts at the age of 3.


  3. I commend the Florida Progressive Democratic Caucus for it’s research and information…I want to join your group! As a 36 year public educator, there is one thing Florida needs to resist is unregulated charter for-profit schools who’s #1 goal is PROFIT….#2 goal is education of your children. The Walton foundation is putting a lot of money into hands in Florida to promote for-profit schools. I have seen for-profit schools, in fact I had my child in one. They are totally unregulated and when my child came home smelling of marijuana and told me her bus driver smoked it in the van….I moved her to public school. (This is not a tirade against grass…that is a whole different issue. The issue here is the driver, hired at minimum wage by the for-profit, was driving while using.) They hired the cheapest kid to drive the children to keep the profit margin up.

    The for-profit had promoted her to 2nd grade though she was hardly 6 years old. I entered her in 2nd grade in public school. She is amazingly intelligent (as are all our children of course,) but did have some emotional, not academic, problems coping that first year. I commend the principal of that public Florida school who worked with us to make her transition smooth and safe. PLEASE , FLORIDA, DON’T GIVE UP ON PUBLIC EDUCATION! PLEASE DON’T SELL OUR KIDS OUT TO CORPORATIONS! Trust me, public school gets a lot of bad press…and we have some bad apples in our basket. I, as a school principal, have had the uncomfortable task of dealing with a few bad apples. However, the majority of public school teachers are dedicated, caring people who love your children. Please be sure of the stand of the candidate who gets your vote.


    1. Welcome to the FPDC. We are the people who will lead the Democratic Party into the future. Red is dead. Blue is the new black.


  4. Just Sayin' · ·

    Crist still backs vouchers?



  5. I clicked on the link, and the word “Referendum” does not appear on that page. Why did the author of this post use that word in quotes implying that DPCF siad it?


  6. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Susan Smith and the Democratic Progressive Caucus, I’m sure that everyone will be shocked to learn but why don’t you explain to everyone why you have joined hands with the Tea Party and your Right Wing Conservative Nut Bags friends to protest against the Common Core Educational Standards that President Obama has advocated for and that have been adopted and accepted nationwide with the only exception being the southern “Red” stupid states so that all our school children can be assured to fail the standardized SAT that is the gold standard that is required of any student trying to gain acceptance into any college in the nation.

    And it’s no surprise that you are doing whatever you can to advance your “endorsed” candidate in Nan Rich but you should disclose that before you go bashing Charlie Crist whose two sisters happen to be lifelong public school teachers


    1. Wendy Sejour (not hiding behind a pseudonym) · ·

      As the Secretary of the DPCF and a friend of Susan Smith, I have to take exception to your post. If you are going to throw bombs at least have the courage to not hide behind a pseudonym. Criticism from a faceless, nameless coward has less impact. First, the DPCF has not endorsed any candidate this cycle so get your facts straight before posting. Second, the Caucus, Susan and I are in pretty good company when it comes to condemning Common Core (the list of Democrats and other organizations who agree with us are too numerous to mention here, but a simple Google search can get you the mutli-page list). Third, if you even bothered to read the report you will find that it is a true account of each candidate’s public stances and actual legislative record. But of course you are not interested in factual discourse, you just want to spew vitriol, the tools of first resort for those who do not have valid arguments for their positions.


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