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The Crist Files: When Republican Charlie Crist took on Jeb Bush and the GOP

As we continue our look at former Governor Charlie Crist it is important to note that while a partisan Republican for much of his time in office, he did take on his party on some issues. The GOP finally gained the Attorney General’s office for the first time post reconstruction in 2002. That year a […]

The Crist Files: The Man Behind The Curtain: How Alleged War Profiteer Harry Sargeant’s Blood Money Has Been Bank Rolling Charlie Crist and The RPOF

In politics, much like organized crime, the way to find out the truth is to follow the money. In crime, the money brings us to the big fish or the kingpin.  In politics, the money brings us to the influencers or a pol’s inner circle- those that have the most direct access to our elected […]

Remembering Snow in Florida

Wikipedia this week had “Snow in Florida” as one of its featured articles. Personally, I remember many of these days and have stories about many of the rest.

The Crist Files: The Crist Conundrum for Progressives

In the upcoming weeks and month TFS will look thoroughly at Charlie Crist’s record. The good, the bad, the ugly for progressives. We call it The Crist Files. While Senator Nan Rich has garnered much progressive support around the state, the establishment of the party including many self-described progressives seems committed to Charlie Crist. Many […]

Introducing the Crist Files

Beginning today, The Florida Squeeze will be looking at every aspect of former Governor Charlie Crist’s public record in order to better inform Floridians about the potential Democratic Gubernatorial nominee. We have come into possession of significant amounts of documentation related to Crist’s career as Governor, Attorney General and Education Commissioner. As we approach Crist’s […]

You Tube Video: Sorry Charlie, Tell me the Truth about Charlie Crist

From Sorry

RPOF Florida Democrats site a strong indictment of the FDP’s lack of planning

The RPOF is no doubt trolling with the part satirical, part attack site  As indignant as Democrats may feel about this site, the bottom line is that the Florida Democratic Party did this to themselves. This is an inherited mess that does not reflect on Chairwoman Allison Tant or the current communications team at […]

Wakulla’s DEC has enjoyed remarkable success that some fail to acknowledge

Jon Ausman the most enigmatic and controversial Democratic activist in the state is at it again. This time he is picking on the neighboring Wakulla County Democratic Party. Why? Ausman doesn’t want to contribute to an upcoming event the Wakulla DEC is hosting, lobbying Leon County Democrats to not buy seats. It’s not a neighborly […]

TFS Podcast: Bill Young passing, Amanda Murphy win, Cabinet races and more

In the latest TFS Podcast Kartik Krishnaiyer and Ryan Ray pay tribute to Congressman Bill Young, discuss Amanda Murphy’s big Special Election victory in HD-36 and breakdown the State Cabinet races including Attorney General where Democrat George Sheldon announced his candidacy on Monday.

Is the Orlando MLS stadium deal in trouble?

Facing a crucial vote tomorrow on the Orange County Commission, my sources are indicating Orlando City Soccer Club which received unanimous City Commission approval earlier in month is short the five votes necessary for passage. I do however think when push comes to shove the project will be approved. More on this from my Monday […]