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Virtual reality – a revolution coming to your viewing habits?

Tonight, NextVR the worldwide leader in Virtual Reality broadcasting will bring one its first live soccer/football game to mass audiences worldwide with a broadcast tonight of the El Clasico Miami from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. I have the privilege of being one of handful of writers selected to be getting a behind the […]

What we’re reading: “Make white people be nice to me,” vapid neoliberal arguments about Race in America must end

I’ve been meaning to share this article from Michael Graham over at Progressive Army for a while. The recent clash over our Florida Democratic Party President’s comments to Democratic Progressive Caucus of Broward County presents the perfect opportunity. If you don’t already, you should follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront. Recall that new Dem party president Sally Boynton Brown […]

Bernie Sanders, Tom Perez do “Oscar and Felix” routine on Chris Hayes

If you watch nothing else today, you at least have to check out this interview of Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez from Chris Hayes’ show last night. Hayes did a great job of creating the moment in which these two Democratic coalition leaders could demonstrate how they differ. Plenty of commentators are pointing out that, “zomg! Bernie ADMITS he’s not a Democrat,” as […]

What we are watching: The Great War on PBS

World War I was a seminal event in American History. The war which began for the United States as a declared belligerent a hundred years ago last week left a complicated but lasting legacy. But whatever reason it’s often forgotten by many, as romanticism around other wars and events has dominated discourse. World War I […]

Record four Florida schools make NCAA tournament

Florida, Florida State, Florida Gulf Coast and Miami all made the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament marking the first time four Florida schools have made the “big dance” which begins Tuesday. Florida Gulf Coast and Florida State will face off against each other Thursday, marking the first match up in the NCAA Tournament between the schools. […]

What we are reading: The hard truth for liberals

James Traub in The New York Times echoes my views on liberals and refugees.  My position is far more nuanced than that of many of my fellow leftists. I do believe an extreme position that doesn’t consider the potential drawbacks of accepting refugees is unfortunately an easy driver of people who might be somewhere in […]

Florida history made: Three Florida schools in Men’s Basketball AP Top 25 for the first time ever

Florida history was made earlier today as Florida, Florida State and Miami were all ranked in the AP Top 25 Men’s Basketball poll. It’s the first time in history all three schools have been ranked in the top 25 in the same week.  Florida and Florida State have spent most of the season ranked while […]