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Liberal elites believe class hatred is less ugly than racism. They’re wrong.

The elite liberal id has been let out of its posh little box, and boy is it on a rampage. First there was Markos “dailykos” Moulitsas hoping that West Virginia voters died from lack of healthcare under the Trump administration, because apparently West Virginia voters (and Susan Sarandon) are solely responsible for Trump’s electoral victory. Now […]

Take a deep dive into Tallahassee politics with Kartik on PNN

LISTEN TO KARTIK’S INTERVIEW: This week Kartik joined me on Progressive News Network to discuss all things Tallahassee, as I ran the show for Rick Spisak. Get the whole podcast here at the PNN portal.  First up: What is populism? Many elites in the Democratic Party would like us to believe that populism, by definition, is a right-wing […]

What we’re reading: “Liberals and diversity,” by Matt Bruenig

Interesting article where poverty and law expert Matt Bruenig observes inconsistencies in the liberal view of diversity. Liberals believe that diversity is social good. But they also take action that shows they believe diversity is incompatible with justice, and that justice must be sacrificed to win against right-wing populism. CLICK HERE to read the whole […]

Democratic Progressive Caucus elections just boiled over

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida holds their election and conference tomorrow, and if the debate leading into it is any indication, it will be bellwether for how clubs and caucuses operate under the FDP’s new leader, Stephen Bittel. Since Bittel took the helm of the party there’s been speculation about how much autonomy an organization like […]

Greyhound racing has run its course | PART ONE

Despite the fact that almost everyone knows greyhound racing is archaic and inhumane, this Monday, national morning cable show “Fox and Friends” will promote the old-style live gambling performance by featuring Janice Dean, “The Weather Machine,” a racing greyhound named after their on-air meteorologist. The racer will be flown from the Palm Beach Kennel Club to appear […]

GUEST COLUMN: Punching Nazis threatens free speech for everyone

GUEST COLUMN by Page Landrum When it comes to online discourse, I believe in a “Free Market of Ideas.”  We have the freedom to offer and hear new ideas, both good and bad. When we meet people promoting bad ideas we have choices. We don’t have to buy into them. We can offer a competing good idea, […]

Progressive Caucus endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Tampa, FL – Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, released the following statement on the DNC chair’s election: The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) is proud to endorse Representative Keith Ellison for Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Our country is in a revolutionary moment. The need for a strong, functional […]