Sunday 7pm ET on PNN: The Florida Squeeze team breaks down the election

Sunday, 7pm on Progressive News Network we review Florida’s election, its miscounts and recounts, and take a look at the road ahead for Amendment 4 implementation. This week Brook Hines runs the show joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer and Dave Trotter from The Florida Squeeze. Dave’s election models published on the Squeeze provided the ONLY accurate vote prediction in the state. The crew from the Squeeze will discuss the vote, the recount/s, and how Florida may recover from losses and missteps this cycle.

We also have the CEO of Democracy Counts, Daniel Wolf. Democracy Counts is a non-profit/non-partisan group that has been in Broward’s District 23 helping to preserve data to build a case for auditing the vote. Visit  for more information.

Ben America (Ben Weaver) joins us for a view from North Florida. Ben worked in Duval County during the General Election and has some insight from this overlooked part of the state. Paul Heroux is an activist and felon who has been an outspoken critic of Amendment 4 (Second Chances). We’ll discuss the impending implementation of Florida’s felon voting amendment in the context of a Trump conservative taking over the governor’s mansion. TUNE IN LIVE Sunday Nov. 11th 7-9pm

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