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Zest of the Day: Governor Rick Scott calls for more tax cuts

Like a broken record or a well trained parrot, the modern Republican party has a default button that screams TAX CUTS anytime economic policy comes up. More from the AP. 

Could Charlie Crist be Florida Democrats Wendell Willkie?

The potential Florida Democrats nomination of Charlie Crist is not without precedent or parallel in the annals of American political history. Once upon a time a political party was so desperate to regain an office it long ago held and was in such a hyper-minority mode that it nominated someone associated with the other party […]

Zest of the Day: Scott pledges $90 million for bridge to help Everglades, relieve Lake Okeechobee

We’re not fans of Governor Scott here at this website but he absolutely did the right thing yesterday on Everglades Restoration. The Governor has pledge $90 million of state funds for Everglades Restoration including important funds for the Tamiami Trail. The “Everglades Skyway” project on the Tamiami Trail is critical for water flow. This was […]

Martin Luther King Jr. and St Augustine: Changing Florida

Due to popular demand on this the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington we are re-running a piece we originally published April 4th 2013 to coincide with the 45th anniversary of MLS Jr.’s death. We have added some additional material and context to the original piece. —– Today is the 45th Anniversary of Martin […]

Skip Campbell considering political comeback

Some interesting news is beginning to peculate related to the Broward County based State Senate seat where Senator Jeremy Ring will be termed out in 2016. Sources indicate that  Former Sen. Skip Campbell has been making the rounds in preparation for a potential run for his previous State Senate seat where several current elected officials as […]

Zest of the Day: Scripps should not make money on county-owned land, PBC commissioner says

Another chink in Jeb Bush’s “legacy,” from the Palm Beach Post.

Throwback Tuesday: 1970s Expressway Revolts in Tampa Bay Area and Southeast Florida

In the 1960’s urban planners were preparing for explosive growth in the Tampa Bay area and southeast Florida. Population was exploding in both areas and various proposals for expressways were floated and eventually adopted by regional planning councils. The network of expressways proposed would have displaced existing neighborhoods and would have cost millions in local […]