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Vital abortion decision expected today — Will Rick Scott be allowed to send women to dental clinics for birth control?

It’s been a big week for Supreme Court decisions, with SCOTUS striking down the Texas law designed to close women’s clinics by instituting absurd, medically unnecessary restrictions. These anti-choice tactics are known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) and require women’s care facilities to needlessly be outfitted as ambulatory surgical centers, and providers to […]

The Phlip Side: Democratic Veepstakes

The selection of a running mate is one of the most important decisions that any major party nominee for president has in their run for The White House.  Sec. Clinton has many options to choose from, but the Veepstakes should be a two horse race with a clear frontrunner.  The first option, which isn’t likely […]

Is Brexit the end of the world as we know it? It very well could be…but perhaps not

I have to admit that despite editorializing in favor of Brexit from a progressive point of view last week that I felt sick all night Thursday and all day Friday because of the outcome. To conceptualize something is different than to actually see it happen – I found myself all the way until kickoff of […]

Virgin Atlantic doubling Orlando-Belfast nonstops

Coinciding with Northern Ireland’s remarkable progression to the knockout stages of the Euro 2016 soccer tournament in France and the Brexit vote, Virgin Atlantic will double nonstops next summer from Belfast (International) to Orlando. The route will now operate twice weekly. The Virgin route to Orlando is one of only two transatlantic routes from the […]

Flashback Friday: Leroy Collins debates Charley Johns

I recently wrote the afterword to Robert Buccellato’s excellent new book Finding Dan McCarty focusing on Governor Leroy Collins – here is a clip from youtube with his debate versus Charley Johns in 1954. We’ve spent plenty of time on this site discussing the reactionary nature of Johns.  This Democratic Primary may have been the most […]

Darren Soto reveals he is anti-consumer and pro-insurance

If you have dealt with or studied Florida’s medical malpractice system, you know it’s not great. It’s a system that was designed to put the needs of insurance companies over consumers and to weaken the influence and bottom-line of traditional Democratic Party contributors in the political process. This pet issue of Jeb Bush’s took several […]

Beyond Florida: It’s perfectly progressive to support Brexit

The United Kingdom will vote this week on whether to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum dubbed “Brexit”. In the wake of the assassination Labour of MP Jo Cox and the nationalist-inspired violence at the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, many have cast Brexit in “right vs left” terms. While the right wingers led […]

The Phlip Side: The Democratic Donald Trump

We have a narcissistic egomaniac running for office this year.  A man with ethical questions plaguing his professional career. A man who has displayed appalling behavior towards members of the opposite sex.  Someone who lacks the temperament to hold the office which he seeks.  If you think I am writing about Donald Trump, you would […]

Flashback Friday: 30 years of Metromover

Thirty years ago the Miami Metromover began operation. The free operation began service in May 1986 and now has three distinct loops that move passengers around Downtown Miami and adjoining areas with ease. The system is the largest and most successful downtown people mover system in the United States – a clear testament to the […]

#EuroCopa Pod: USA 2-1 Ecuador , England-Wales, Northern Ireland beat Ukraine

For those of you interested take your mind off the tragic events in Orlando, the madness that has engulfed both the Euro 2016 tournament (which suffered more embarrassment today thanks to Croatian fans)and the tragic murder of Jo Cox, MP, here is World Soccer Talk’s postgame podcast last night from the USA’s massive 2-1 win […]