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Progressives need to refocus attention toward state legislative races in Florida

I’ve personally become more aggressive the last few weeks in calling out Florida-based progressives that sit on Twitter obsessing about national politics, while ignoring state and local issues. Some of these progressives have gained great followings as a result of being Bernie Sanders supporters, and spend much of their day attacking national Democrats for perceived […]

Florida Democrats need to dig-in and a draw a line on reproductive freedom: Any Dem vote for HB 5 should be met with a primary challenge

The Florida Legislature’s proposed prohibition on reproductive freedom after 15 weeks continues the cultural war by Florida’s GOP, which has involved chipping away at a women’s right to choose (and a doctor’s right to advise their patients) since the Republicans gained full control of the legislature in 1996. As HB5/SB 146 moves its way through […]

TFS+ early access – curtailing reproductive freedom another deterrent to professionals living in Florida

I have long rejected the narrative that battles over reproductive freedom are social issues that are discussions of morality. For me, that is precisely what the right wants you to think. The reality is this – access to legal and safe abortion and family planning options has always been a core economic issue. Early access […]

Vital abortion decision expected today — Will Rick Scott be allowed to send women to dental clinics for birth control?

It’s been a big week for Supreme Court decisions, with SCOTUS striking down the Texas law designed to close women’s clinics by instituting absurd, medically unnecessary restrictions. These anti-choice tactics are known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) and require women’s care facilities to needlessly be outfitted as ambulatory surgical centers, and providers to […]

The real threat to abortion in Florida isn’t an all-out ban

HB 865, the all-out ban on abortion attracted national media attention this week, but this bill won’t end abortion in Florida. It’s a distraction. Instead, what’s more likely to end abortion services in Florida this session are so-called TRAP bills that threaten to close any number of the 65 abortion clinics in Florida, 16 of which […]