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Video: Voucher proponent discusses how Florida is the national model for school “choice”

Florida’s school children have been used as guinea pigs in the continued experimentation for political purposes with our educational structure. AMCSC- Clip 1 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

Poll: Crist Maintains Large Lead Over Scott

By Jim Saunders, The News Service of Florida. Reprinted with permission. THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, April 30, 2014……….With strong support from women and independents, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist continues to hold a hefty lead over incumbent Republican Rick Scott, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.Crist, who was elected governor in 2006 as a […]

Budget Pre K-12 numbers reduced

Last night at 8:35pm Tallahassee time the House and Senate agreed to a compromise budget for FY 2014-15. While the budget has lots of good points one particular issue is worrying. This issue is that the funding for Pre K-12 education is lower in the conference report than in both the initial House and Senate […]

Fare Play: Should Florida be over Uber?

Is it a car service? Is it an app? Is it the next great step forward for the “sharing economy?” Another David vs. Goliath showdown, where innovation squares off against entrenched and outdated local control? The Uber debate is not easily broken down by a prevailing ideology or caucus factions. Age has played a critical […]

Videos: Voucher proponents on targeting Democrats and using special needs children as props

Voucher proponents using the dollars from big money corporate backers have cynically manufactured artificial  support for various schemes that are unconstitutional and damage public education. Here once again we have video evidence of the agenda: On squeezing Democratic candidates AMCSC Clip5 from Nozo Media on Vimeo. On using special needs kids: aMCSC Clip 9 from […]

Does Governor Rick Scott have an opportunity to one-up Charlie Crist with women?

Over the past few election cycles Democrats have made a key component of their campaigns the so called “Republican War on Women.” However, Florida Democrats face a tough challenge if former Governor Charlie Crist defeats Senator Nan Rich for the party’s gubernatorial nomination. As this blog has previously noted, Senator Rich is the only consistently […]

Videos: Voucher proponents continue to manufacture phony support for school “choice”

Later today, it is  strongly rumored voucher proponents will receive bussed school children in Tallahassee  to show support for dangerous school “choice” legislation that is currently sitting in Senate. Once again the supporters of these for-profit schools who seek to damage the public school system in this state are manufacturing support for their cause using […]

TFS Twitter Takeover – Justin Snyder at Noon ET Tuesday April 29th

Our own Justin Snyder will answer tweets for an hour from noon to 1 pm ET tomorrow at the TFS Twitter handle –  Please keep tweets topical to Florida politics National politics the Economy Foreign Policy You can follow Justin’s twitter at  

President Clinton to keynote Florida Democrats “Leadership Blue” Dinner

A big get for Florida Democrats as the party has secured President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker at the June 28th Leadership Blue Dinner (formerly Jefferson-Jackson). This is a big coup for the Florida party which has struggled with fundraising and candidate recruitment in the past year. On another note, I will have a […]

Has the left-wing of the Democratic Party boxed President Obama in on combating Putin’s aggression?

President Obama’s comments as well as those of Secretary Kerry and Ambassador Power regarding the ultra-nationalistic and imperialist aims of Vladimir Putin’s Russia have been on the mark over the course of the last seven weeks. However, often times it seems the United States and other western governments are reacting late or not at all […]