Videos: Voucher proponents continue to manufacture phony support for school “choice”

Later today, it is  strongly rumored voucher proponents will receive bussed school children in Tallahassee  to show support for dangerous school “choice” legislation that is currently sitting in Senate. Once again the supporters of these for-profit schools who seek to damage the public school system in this state are manufacturing support for their cause using big money. The failure of voucher proponents to win over the public despite well over a decade of experimentation in Florida has forced the big money proponents of these dangerous ideas to use children as props to try and manipulate the opinion of legislators and others who are in a decision-making capacity.

As we’ve discussed repeatedly, the idea of fabricating support is nothing new to the school “choice” movement. Late last week we discussed another scheme by Michelle Rhee’s Students First and reminded our readers of multiple phony efforts last year including one by Senator Kelli Stargel who is among the leading proponents of every piece of school “choice” legislation. 

As a reminder to how cynical and manipulative voucher proponents are, the following videos make clear the agenda and the means by which groups advocating school “choice” operate. The constitution itself and the general attitudes of the public are not important to those pushing these dangerous ideas.


Voucher proponents admit they are doing an end run around the constitution

AMCSC Clip2 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

And again regarding the constitution

AmCSC Clip 6 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

Doug Tuthill on using lower income and minority students as the face of the program

AMCSC Clip 8 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

Florida as a laboratory for other states … using our kids as the guinea pigs

AMCSC Clip3 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

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