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Florida Republicans new COVID-19 solution: “School Choice!” Why not, it ticks all the GOP boxes, doesn’t it?

Florida Republicans never miss a chance to pivot and politicize a crisis. With Florida’s COVID numbers reaching the stratosphere, and the state becoming the epicenter of a global pandemic, Florida Republicans have a solution- VOUCHERS! With Broward County joining Duval, Alachua and probably Leon (with more to come) as school districts requiring masks for students, […]

Speaker Corcoran and Betsy DeVos – Allies in a war to kill public education

President Elect-Donald Trump’s decision to tap Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education has sent shockwaves through the education community throughout the nation. Since the Reagan Administration, DeVos and her husband, the former CEO of Amway and the owner of the Orlando Magic have used their influence and power in Republican-party circles to promote school […]

Richard Corcoran and school choice

Incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran has strong opinions that favor the school choice industry. But the full depth of Corcoran’s plans which would potentially change the face of education in Florida have become more apparent in recent weeks. The Speaker-designee also has some unique and different views on scoring schools in a public fashion. […]

School “choice” supporters playing hard in Democratic Primaries

Former State Representative Jim Waldman and current Rep. Gwen Clarke-Reed  have gotten a power assists in State Senate District 34 race from a group associated with John Kirtley, the Tampa-area venture capitalist that is the chief funder of school “choice” efforts in the state of Florida.  The Florida Federation for Children a group headed by Kirtley has […]

Did contributions from John Kirtley influence school “choice” votes by Darren Soto?

Over the last few years, we at TFS have repeatedly cited John Kirtley, a Tampa venture capitalist and the force behind the national pro-voucher group “All Children Matter” as a malign force that was able to use campaign contributions to possibly influence the thoughts of many Democrats on the school “choice” issue.  In 2012,  Kirtley […]

Monday Musings – DCCC mess, Kelli Stargel’s maternalistic nonsense, RPOF failure to steward our Springs, Lenny Curry, Vouchers

Editors’ Note: This week we begin a new column, Monday Musings where our writers sound off on various topics related to the state of Florida.    It is difficult in words to fully describe the mess the DCCC has made in Congressional District 13. Beginning with a campaign that flushed a double-digit lead down the […]

Senate Democrats cave on voucher expansion

Fifteen years almost to day since the Florida Senate passed the Jeb Bush pet project A+ plan that brought public funding of private schools into our state, the Senate today passed the largest expansion of vouchers in the state’s history. Unlike the Florida House, where Democrats stuck together despite an aggressive lobbying effort by voucher […]

SINE DIE: The GOP’s Choice (UPDATED 11:15 AM ET)

Despite a national mood that favors the Republicans, Florida’s GOP faces a potential final day in complete control of the legislature today. This is a final opportunity potentially for the Jeb Bush backed education “reformers” to have a clean bite of the apple after beginning the destruction of Florida’s Public School system in Bush’s first […]

Senate Democrats need to hold the line on vouchers

As we’ve discussed throughout this legislative session, House Democrats have heroically held the line in defense of public education. Three weeks ago, when the House passed its version of  a dangerous school vouchers bill not a single Democrat in the lower chamber voted for it. As that bill made its way through the committee process, […]

Video: Voucher proponent discusses how Florida is the national model for school “choice”

Florida’s school children have been used as guinea pigs in the continued experimentation for political purposes with our educational structure. AMCSC- Clip 1 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.