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The Democrats dodged a bullet with Richard Corcoran skipping the Governor’s race

Speaker Richard Corcoran isn’t running for Governor and is endorsing fellow Republican Adam Putnam. For many the question was whether Corcoran would emulate the statewide success of ex-Speaker Marco Rubio, whom he once worked for or the laughable end for dangerously extreme former Speaker Johnny Byrd whose 2004 campaign for US Senate was seen as […]

In begrudging praise of Speaker Richard Corcoran…

House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s rock-ribbed conservatism and unwillingness to really compromise with a Governor and State Senate of the same party has dominated this legislative session in Tallahassee. The Speaker ┬ásent the session into overtime (by 24 hours) with an unflinching view of state spending, angered the Governor by attempting to defund important programs related […]

GOP torn between traditional Republicanism governing and Corcoranism

We once thought Jeb Bush was the worst thing we had ever seen. Then we met Dan Webster. But Webster seemed likable compared to Johnnie Byrd. Then Byrd seemed tame compared to Marco Rubio. Then Rubio seemed bookish and statesmanlike compared to Rick Scott. Now Rick Scott seems buffoonish and moderate compared to the hard-charging […]

What motivates the Democratic enablers of Speaker Richard Corcoran?

Florida’s House Democrats are sometimes an unruly bunch. Reduced to virtual super-minority status since 2000 (the Democrats have never held more than 44 seats in the 120 member House since the 2000 election) the old V.O. Key adage about Florida Democrats “every man (or women) for himself (or themselves),” applies. When Tom Feeney and Johnnie […]

State government in a Richard Corcoran-led Florida would be an unhealthy combination of Rick Scott and Donald Trump (among other things)

House Speaker Richard Corcoran is at this moment in time the most powerful man in state politics. Depending on how next year shakes out, Corcoran could become even more powerful in 2019. Styling himself as an anti-government reformer, Corcoran is also a political insider with few equals in the state – a seasoned pol who […]

Speaker Corcoran and Betsy DeVos – Allies in a war to kill public education

President Elect-Donald Trump’s decision to tap Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education has sent shockwaves through the education community throughout the nation. Since the Reagan Administration, DeVos and her husband, the former CEO of Amway and the owner of the Orlando Magic have used their influence and power in Republican-party circles to promote school […]

Richard Corcoran and school choice

Incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran has strong opinions that favor the school choice industry. But the full depth of Corcoran’s plans which would potentially change the face of education in Florida have become more apparent in recent weeks. The Speaker-designee also has some unique and different views on scoring schools in a public fashion. […]