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Florida Department of Education letter to US Department of Education

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran has sent an angry letter to the US Department of Education regarding the feds sending money to Florida school districts that have mask mandates being impacted by the DOE’s cutting of funds.

Vice News: The battle over masking in Florida schools

Vice News which does wonderful in-depth reporting has this feature on the masking battle in Florida schools.

Florida’s local officials are pandemic heroes

While Governor DeSantis continues to oppose efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while hawking treatment for those already sick, Senate President Wilton Simpson talks up Texas-styled anti-reproductive rights legislation,(effectively a rapist bill of rights) in Florida, and Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran disobeys a court order, because he claims to know the law better […]

Did the State Board of Education’s Kangaroo Court embolden other school districts to defy DeSantis mask order?

Tuesday’s performative art-driven Kangaroo Court Board of Education emergency meeting resolved to crush any rebellion against Governor DeSantis’ July Executive Order banning mask mandates in schools. The meeting as we discussed previously on this site was a three-hour demonstration of bullying, misogyny and autocracy. Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran whose hard-edged autocratic style made him […]

The Florida Board of Education’s three hours of misogyny and demagoguery should awaken the masses to the creeping autocracy we live in (but it probably won’t)

Tuesday afternoon, The Florida Board of Education met in an “emergency meeting” called by Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. The subject discussed: The temerity of two local school districts (Alachua and Broward) to listen to the parents, children, teachers and staff they represent and impose a mask mandate. Corcoran has taken center stage in the […]

Florida in crisis – the Authoritarian overreach of Ron DeSantis threatens the constitutional order in our state

Florida has effectively jumped into territory not seen in generations in terms of state government anywhere in this country. For all the false equivalencies made about Governor Ron DeSantis with other right-wing public officials (oh he’s like Gregg Abbott, he’s baby Trump, he’s like Jim Jordan, he’s no worse than Rick Scott, etc) we are […]

The Democrats dodged a bullet with Richard Corcoran skipping the Governor’s race

Speaker Richard Corcoran isn’t running for Governor and is endorsing fellow Republican Adam Putnam. For many the question was whether Corcoran would emulate the statewide success of ex-Speaker Marco Rubio, whom he once worked for or the laughable end for dangerously extreme former Speaker Johnny Byrd whose 2004 campaign for US Senate was seen as […]

In begrudging praise of Speaker Richard Corcoran…

House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s rock-ribbed conservatism and unwillingness to really compromise with a Governor and State Senate of the same party has dominated this legislative session in Tallahassee. The Speaker ┬ásent the session into overtime (by 24 hours) with an unflinching view of state spending, angered the Governor by attempting to defund important programs related […]

GOP torn between traditional Republicanism governing and Corcoranism

We once thought Jeb Bush was the worst thing we had ever seen. Then we met Dan Webster. But Webster seemed likable compared to Johnnie Byrd. Then Byrd seemed tame compared to Marco Rubio. Then Rubio seemed bookish and statesmanlike compared to Rick Scott. Now Rick Scott seems buffoonish and moderate compared to the hard-charging […]

What motivates the Democratic enablers of Speaker Richard Corcoran?

Florida’s House Democrats are sometimes an unruly bunch. Reduced to virtual super-minority status since 2000 (the Democrats have never held more than 44 seats in the 120 member House since the 2000 election) the old V.O. Key adage about Florida Democrats “every man (or women) for himself (or themselves),” applies. When Tom Feeney and Johnnie […]