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What motivates the Democratic enablers of Speaker Richard Corcoran?

Florida’s House Democrats are sometimes an unruly bunch. Reduced to virtual super-minority status since 2000 (the Democrats have never held more than 44 seats in the 120 member House since the 2000 election) the old V.O. Key adage about Florida Democrats “every man (or women) for himself (or themselves),” applies. When Tom Feeney and Johnnie […]

Governor Scott is right – House being shortsighted (that’s an understatement) in gutting Enterprise Florida

I’ll admit I didn’t write a piece in Governor Scott’s defense on Enterprise Florida previously because I found Speaker Richard Corcoran’s threats to eliminate the public-private agency laughable and something that responsible lawmakers would never support. Therefore, I was stunned by the House vote on Friday to overwhelmingly shutter Enterprise Florida and all its related […]