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That conservative media spin cycle we keep talking about? Here it is – Speaker Pelosi did NOT buy a Florida mansion.

Last week, conservative and far left Twitter went crazy as Nancy Pelosi was purported to be buying pricey Florida real estate. Conservatives said this showed the out-of-touch elitism of the Democrats, while the extreme far left said it showed Pelosi’s career of rewarding political donors was culminating with a purchase of real estate worth $25 […]

George Smathers, Latin America and other foreign affairs

Another area of focus for our fore-coming Smathers project will be foreign affairs, trade and immigration policy, areas where Senator Smathers got involved involved in the nitty-gritty of his Senate duties. His close relationship to three US Presidents and the transitory nature of Florida during the 1960’s are also critically important in understanding this area […]

What’s ahead with “The Smathers Project” – an insight into a critical period in Florida History

As we teased earlier this month, we’re going to periodically take a closer look at the late US Senator George Smathers record as it’s become a subject of controversy among many activists here in Florida. Smathers’ record is complicated and his ties to some of the leading figures in American history are indisputable. Here is […]

Is right v left no longer the real ideological battle? Is it really Community v individualism?

In the coming days, we’ll explore this idea – the growing view that while we’re divided by culture the actual ideological battles aren’t between right vs left but they are revolve more around personalities and the idea of community goals v individual ones. Or maybe it’s a battle between interconnected Communalism v classic Libertarianism? Before […]

This week’s Florida commercial aviation news

Frontier Airlines is adding Orlando to Little Rock and Miami to Buffalo nonstop service. Frontier is cutting Atlanta to West Palm Beach, Chicago and Milwaukee to Tampa as well as Albany, Islip and Providence to Miami. Sunwing is cutting Fort Lauderdale to Toronto in winter. This particular route is currently flown by four other airlines. […]

No Florida History Podcast this week

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We’ll return with a new podcast next week.

The Smathers Project: A mixed legacy

We’ll get back to our own analysis of Senator George Smathers’ legacy soon, but for posterity’s sake, it’s important to read this obituary from The Washington Post to understand the scope and breadth of his importance.

Democrats chances to beat DeSantis have largely evaporated while the party’s continued comical ineptitude continues

A new batch of polls, most recently (and reliably) the new St Pete Polls confirms what many of us have been sensing. The Democrats, in classic Florida Democratic style have failed to properly define Governor DeSantis and are likely headed toward electoral Armageddon here in Florida in 2022. The Governor has opened up a sizable […]

TFS+ – Elitism and the Democratic Party’s increasingly woeful future prospects

Read the entire article at TFS + Some key points: Back in the day, Democrats used to own the county fair and homecoming parade circuit. They used to be salt of the earth and a stark contrast with stiff, wooden and elitist county club-style Republicans. Boy have times changed. Most voting precincts aren’t academic lecture […]

What should a Democratic reset look like?

By now it’s pretty clear Democrats have a problem with working class voters. Ruy Teixeira who is one of the smart Democrats in the country has a look at what might need to happen next?