Democrats chances to beat DeSantis have largely evaporated while the party’s continued comical ineptitude continues

A new batch of polls, most recently (and reliably) the new St Pete Polls confirms what many of us have been sensing. The Democrats, in classic Florida Democratic style have failed to properly define Governor DeSantis and are likely headed toward electoral Armageddon here in Florida in 2022. The Governor has opened up a sizable lead, which in the context of a deeply polarized electorate with fewer “swing” voters than past cycles, probably means he’s unbeatable.

The same polling firm had the race as a dead heat just three months ago.

As we’ve talked about for years on this site, Democrats often don’t know how to read polls besides the top lines and often cannot interpret even those properly. Having given lots of free advice to the party this year regarding framing a narrative about DeSantis, I can just say this about the situation – it’s now nearly hopeless and Florida Democrats failure to properly define DeSantis to this point makes it all the more likely with every passing day that the Governor becomes President in 2025.

Below we’ll have some suggestion about the national situation to avoid what seems to be incoming for the party- Armageddon.

The recent polling shows DeSantis is on track to win at the very least a plurality of the Latino/Hispanic vote in the state. The St Pete Polls survey also shows unsurprisingly, DeSantis is going to rout the Democrats in the Tampa/St Pete and Orlando media markets.

Hopefully this wakes up the same Democrats who disputed my claim that the Tampa Bay area was most Republican major metro area (over 2.5 million) in any competitive state in 2020 and Donald Trump had won the Tampa Bay media market. I was told by multiple condescending Democrats that somehow Pasco and Hernando don’t count (great attitude right?) and they were touting Biden’s 1,200 vote win in completely urbanized Pinellas as some sort of great victory (I doubt a single county with Pinellas population profile in the country was as Republican at it was in 2020, but I have not actually done the research yet on this).

But this is part of a continued recent pattern for Democrats. Stick heads in the sand and come out with any sort of spin to say the sun is bright and shiny even if the sky is actually falling. Then when the sky does fall, say the game is rigid and manipulatively claim aggrieved victim status when in fact the game while partially rigged could have been won rather easily if the job were done correctly. It’s all too familiar, predictable and pathetic.

In recent weeks, I’ve found more and more Democrats who are in denial of clear reality.

Here is the current situation:

1- The party’s brand is toxic outside urban areas and college towns.

2- The party is now actually losing minority voters even while claiming the GOP is more racist than ever.

3- The party has failed to properly define those like Ron DeSantis, who reasonably moderate people would be turned off by I believe.

4- The party has yet to explain to the country the actual reasons for our current inflationary spiral and if you don’t properly explain that inflation doesn’t happen overnight, the party in power nationally will be blamed.

5- The party needs to be safeguarding democracy and talking about that in a race-neutral fashion that appeals to patriotism.

6- The party needs to push the narrative about the important of infrastructure and how a failure to upgrade critical infrastructure will leave the US well behind other developed nations and ultimately threaten our economic well being (This is finally happening).

7- Pivot away from the same protectionist economics as Trump practices and the majority of the GOP now supports to embrace open markets for goods with limited barriers via tariffs.

8- The GOP is going to kill the Democrats on immigration anyway, so begin to ease our labor shortage by opening the spigots and bringing in as many skilled and unskilled workers as we need.

The Democrats tact has been so comically inept in 2021 at the national level (as it has been in Florida for many years) you wonder if they really do want to avoid a midterm disaster in 2022?

Whatever the case, right now things look bleaker than even in 1993, 2009 or 2013 at this point which is saying quite a lot.

2022 may not just flip control of the Congress and cement Republican holds over most Governorships and State Legislatures, but it may create such a big hole it takes several well-executed election cycles to climb out of nationally.

The Democrats are indeed facing Armageddon.

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