Monthly Archives: April 2013

The re-emerging centrist Florida Senate

Tuesday was a red letter day in the Florida Senate. It was the day the chamber quelled fears that the body would move right following the departure of several Republicans on parent trigger and the continued steady line the chamber has taken on pension reform and Medicaid expansion. Term limits have had a devastating consequences […]

GOP Senator Nancy Detert is a Hero on Education

“Not one parent ever called me to support this.” “If parents and teachers are so in favor of charter conversions, why is the Florida PTA is lobbying so hard to defeat this bill?” This afternoon Sen. Nancy Detert R-28 (Venice), rose to speak these and other courageous utterances in opposition to HB 867/SB 862, referred […]

Charlie Crist to keynote Hillsborough Dems J-J on May 11- What will he say?

The Hillsborough County Democratic Party has announced former Republican Governor Charlie Crist will keynote the county’s Jefferson-Jackson (or Kennedy-King as they call it) dinner on May 11th. Hillsborough County which is considered a bellwether in Florida elections will be a good test to see whether Crist, a newly registered Democrat will pass a litmus test […]

Zest of the Day: John Romano on “grassroots” support hurting parent trigger

Along the lines of several posts this past week here and elsewhere that have exposed the fraud that is the “grassroots” movement behind parent trigger and reiterating my posting yesterday about Jeb Bush’s personal political agenda, John Romano has nicely summarized everything in today’s Tampa Bay Times.

Governor Scott and the Legislature could learn from Alabama Republicans

“Thank god for Alabama” has been a consistent comment many of us in Florida have made through the years. It seemed in whatever area we were falling short we still had Alabama, Mississippi or Arkansas to make us feel better. But no longer is that the case. While Governor Scott speaks in platitudes about attracting […]

House Democrats side with polluters and go missing on environmental protection

Last week the House passed Rep. Jimmy Patronis’ HB 999 by a 98-20 vote (19 Dems voted no, 1 Republican) despite a lobbying appearance from former Governor and Senator Bob Graham. HB 999 is a bill that would stripĀ  protection from thousands of acres of wetlands across the state and prevents Environmental groups from suing […]

Zest of the Day: Northeast Florida construction jobs finally on track to grow again

Good news from the Florida Times-Union.