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Shady groups behind school “choice” and “parent trigger”

The school “choice” movement continues to operate in secrecy and with a certain degree of shadiness. The Miami Herald reported late last night that the group “Sunshine Parents” that has been attributed  for producing propaganda materials supporting the Parent “Trigger” legislation has in fact not produced anything of the sort. These materials have in reality […]

Report: Florida Employers Face Penalty if State Rejects Medicaid Funds

As the House and Speaker Weatherford continue to politicize the Medicaid issue, this report was released today by WUSF indicating the high cost a failure to take federal funds will have to Florida’s business. Once again the rhetoric of House Republicans about expanding opportunities for employers and the climate for business seems contrary to reality.

Legislative Power Grab “Wage Theft” Vote Indicates the Strength of House Democratic Unity and Majority Party Arrogance

Yesterday’s legislative “wage theft” vote (HB1125) which is essentially another power grab by a “small government” “conservative” House showed the power of unity that the Democratic caucus has created over the past two months. Earlier this week I speculated about the cohesion of the caucus on the upcoming session defining votes. The Democratic caucus remained […]

Zest of the Day: Nelson “Considering” Run for Governor

Excellent breakdown piece from Jeremy Wallace in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Nelson’s potential strengths and weaknesses are dissected in this piece.

Tracking Legislation Not Easy for Average Citizens

It’s no wonder people are disinterested in politics and our population is overrun with so-called “low information voters”. In Florida, at least, it’s damn near impossible for your average citizen to know what’s going on in the state legislature from day to day. I’m an advocate for veterans’ issues, so it’s no surprise that I […]

A lesson of Boston Bombings: Stop classifying criminal anarchist violence as acts of war

  By Steven Kurlander With all the considerable news coverage and analysis of the recent bombings of the April 15 twin bombings by the Tsarnaev brothers that left three people dead and 264 others injured – including at least 14 who lost limbs – sadly there’s been practically no historical reference to other plentiful […]

Will President Don Gaetz Do the Bidding of the Home Rule Hypocrites and Block Local Control?

Earlier this session Senate President Don Gaetz committed that bills would not be brought to the floor if they hadn’t been heard in committees (see video below courtesy of Amy Ritter and Florida Watch Action). At the same time Sen. David Simmons committed not to allow House Majority Leader Steve Precourt’s HB 655 to be […]

Zest of the Day: Florida waterfront condos literally create their own weather

Cool report from KATU in Portland.

(Video) Fresen Pushes Parent-Trigger and Charter Schools Despite Documented Conflicts of Interest

The conflicts of interest involving Rep. Erik Fresen and charter schools have been well documented. For context here is a Miami Herald article from December 2011. I have previously editorialized extensively about Fresen and his conflicts of interest. Rep. Fresen was barely reelected this past November, defeating excellent Democratic challenger Ross Hancock who was unfortunately […]

Curtains for Megabanks?

The leading intellectual opponent of “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) banks is likely economist Simon Johnson.  Johnson declared victory recently by stating the debate on TBTF was “over.”  In his New York Times column, Johnson declared, “(T)he decision to cap the size of the largest banks has been made. All that remains is to work […]