(Video) Fresen Pushes Parent-Trigger and Charter Schools Despite Documented Conflicts of Interest

The conflicts of interest involving Rep. Erik Fresen and charter schools have been well documented. For context here is a Miami Herald article from December 2011.

I have previously editorialized extensively about Fresen and his conflicts of interest. Rep. Fresen was barely reelected this past November, defeating excellent Democratic challenger Ross Hancock who was unfortunately underfunded 51-49.

Thanks to a good friend of this site, Florida Watch Action Executive Director Amy Ritter and the FWA  Legislative tracking program known the Adams Street Project, which sends trackers to the capitol to cover issues/legislation we have the following videos of Fresen.  The Republican lawmaker discusses his views about Parent Trigger in the first video and his conflicts of interest as discussed in the above linked Herald story in the second video.

1st video:

2nd video:


  1. This is AWESOME footage!


  2. This is stupid.


    1. Ahh you must lobby for Parent Trigger.


  3. The Judge · ·

    Great stuff!!!!

    Good job Amy!


  4. Dems forever · ·

    What an idiot!!!!


  5. Well he fits in perfectly with the rest of our elected officials.


  6. Derek Kilborn · ·

    The following is not an impassioned defense of the parent trigger law, and I have my own reservations about potential impacts; however, I question this author’s motives and those of his supporters. (Apologies to Mr. Krishnaiyer for sounding like a broken record.)

    The only reason a post like this matters is if you can first show that charter schools have done irreparable damage to our youth and the public education system. Are charter schools negatively affecting reading and math comprehension scores, high school graduation rates, college preparedness, etc.? After a three-part series totaling more than 3,700 words and two videos totaling more than 5:00 minutes, we still don’t know because these posts present no findings of fact, and previous invitations on this blog to present such evidence have gone unanswered.

    If we are going to repair the real and perceived problems with our public education system in Florida, then we need to have a substantive debate about solutions. We can start by identifying the need. What is the need?


    The need is for a public education system that can nimbly respond to rapidly changing conditions on the ground, in the home, among our families and throughout our local communities.


    To address this problem and satisfactorily meet our need, a political right coalition comprised of Republicans, conservatives, constitutionalists and libertarians have put forth a cache of education reform solutions.

    Each of these solutions were initially designed to achieve maximum flexibility in execution, accelerate the response time to emerging problems, perfect measurements of accountability, and ultimately improve student performance despite a deteriorating family and social environment outside the schoolhouse walls.

    These reform solutions include, but are not limited to charter schools, vouchers, virtual learning centers, parent trigger options, collegiate partnerships, variable licensing requirements, longer days, year-round schedules, etc. The performance of these reform solutions are also being monitored by a new set of metrics to improve accountability, including standardized tests and teacher evaluations.

    Reformers in the political right coalition see education reform as THE civil rights movement of our time. Launching ideas into action, they have invested a significant amount of resources, in both time and money, to build institutions that will test their ideas, expand their successes, retire their failures and ultimately improve the delivery of education services to our children.

    Criticism of these efforts from the political left has been voluminous, yet the stream of reform solutions from this same group has been anemic at best. This post, and the School Choice series that precedes it, are perfect examples of the counter-productive dialogue that is taking place on the subject. It is also a woeful indictment on the political left who suggests only that the current system could be repaired if we simply prime it with more cash.

    There is is a great opportunity here for the political left to articulate their support for spending more money, detail how this will help us satisfy our need and explain why previous comparisons showing little correlation between spending more money and performance should be ignored. The fact that so many, including the author of this story, are unwilling to take on this challenge speaks volumes about the state of public education in Florida and these United States of America.

    The progressive reformers of the political right, despite their imperfections and occasional failures, which may or may not include parent triggers, are on the winning side of history. Our children will be better for it!

    See also:

    School Choice Part II: https://thefloridasqueeze.com/2013/02/25/school-choice-part-ii-democrats-about-face/


  7. Sara obviously works for Fresen.


  8. Why are we even giving this clown attention?


  9. Maybe Sara and Derek are part of Congressman Webster’s Jesus club??? Just wondering …


    1. Derek Kilborn · ·

      As the president of Lutheran Residences, Inc., a voluntary not-for-profit organization providing nearly 450 affordable housing units (2 facilities) to senior citizens living in southern Pinellas County, I accept your religious insult as a compliment. Thank you for offering yourself as an example of the broken product, but I am more interested in evaluating the symptoms and solutions.


  10. Hey Guys, just bc I dont see the correlation of these two videos and what is being stated in the article doesn’t mean that you can write weird, immature stuff on here. I’m starting to wonder the value of this site if there’s never any thoughtful commentary written.


    1. Right because calling something “stupid” is the epitome of maturity…


  11. Slawson · ·


    Look we all know who you are and you are a shill for corporate sell out Democrats. It’s unfortunate that your friend who moonlighted as a bartender spent one too many nights telling us all about your legislative “conquests”. You should tell her to exercise a little more discretion. Unfortunately, her boss is about to find out the damage that her mouth can cause to a political career.


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