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Zest of the Day: Florida Dems will battle recent run of ‘bad luck, bad timing’ in 2014

From the Tampa Tribune. 

Zest of the Day: Marco Rubio’s top 5 attacks on “Obamacare”

Lies, lies and more lies courtesy of Florida’s Junior Senator and the single most conservative member of the most deliberative body in the world (per the National Taxpayers Union). From the Miami Herald.

Zest Of The Day: California’s Success Story = Vote Out The Tea Party

Say what you want about outspoken late night funny man Bill Maher, but last night, he hit the proverbial nail on the head in a segment about California’s resurgence from the depths of economic peril: They said no to the tea party and republican obstructionism and found ways to cut spending, raise taxes, and reinvest […]

Snyder’s Take: The Future Is Now

Don’t get it twisted. The ousting of Minority Leader Daryl Rouson and the subsequent election of Progressive Champion Mark Pafford to the same position is huge news. No. It’s a BFD.  It proves what many of us have already known: the progressive movement in Florida is spreading statewide like a central Florida dry season brush […]

TFS Podcast: Pafford, Palm Beach Republicans, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Iran

We have a full pod this week with Justin Snyder, Ryan Ray and Steven Kurlander all joining us. We devote the first third of the show to discussion of Rep. Mark Pafford’s elevation to House Democratic Leader Designee. We then move on and discuss the demise of the Palm Beach Republican Party, Allen West’s ambitions, […]

Zest of the Day: Conservation amendment headed to Florida 2014 ballot

From the South Florida Business Journal.

House Democrats must continue Rouson’s work

Darryl Rouson was removed as House Democratic Leader Designee on Monday and replaced with Rep. Mark Pafford, a move this website has wholeheartedly endorsed. However, Rouson made some progress with the House Caucus that cannot be turned back if Democrats are to compete effectively in November 2014. We have strongly endorsed what the new leader […]

Zest of the Day: Judge tosses key part of Fla. med-mal law

From the Orlando Sentinel. 

With Mark Pafford elected will Democrats abandon accommodating posture and reboot Democracy like Newt Gingrich did?

Democracy and freedom depend on real choices in elections. For example, elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a theocracy run by Shi’a clerics determined to destroy western civilization are contests between multiple candidates with the same ideology. The same was the case for elections in the Soviet Union and for many years elections in […]

House Democrats do the right thing for the first time in years

The election of Rep. Mark Pafford (D-West Palm Beach) is far and away the best thing House Democrats have done in years. A party and caucus that have long played a game of accommodation with the Republican majority and have failed to offer Floridians a clear vision or choice in elections made a definitive step […]