Zest Of The Day: California’s Success Story = Vote Out The Tea Party

Say what you want about outspoken late night funny man Bill Maher, but last night, he hit the proverbial nail on the head in a segment about California’s resurgence from the depths of economic peril: They said no to the tea party and republican obstructionism and found ways to cut spending, raise taxes, and reinvest in their citizens all the while turning a $27 billion deficit into a budget surplus.¬† Additionally, Maher argues that California’s size and economic influence (8th largest economy in the world) will inevitably drag the rest of the United States willingly or kicking and screaming with them.

Here’s a link to the text of the “New Rules” Segment: Here. Make sure you check out the panel segment featuring former Labor Secretary and Economist Robert Reich.




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  1. Ditto………When Bill Maher seems to be one of a few personalities (Comedian) that makes sense
    on so many issues, and Congress is so inept…that tells me that we are listening to the wrong people (media)…….and why don’t we recognize leadership and the things that work……we must
    get money out of politics……and open the door for the best of us to come in…..


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