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Depression, mental health, anxiety and accountability. It’s okay not to be okay but also not okay to always blame others

I am taking a moment away from politics and Florida society to discuss my own recent bout with depression, though like all things in my life politics is never far away. July 2021 has been the month I have felt the most lost in my life and been full of nervousness and anxiety. In advance […]

Florida Republicans are sickening – DeSantis and his allies are employing tyrannical overreach and overheated demagoguery during Florida’s darkest days.

While COVID explodes in Florida (over the last ten days, Florida with under 7% of the nation’s population has accounted for over 20% of new cases according to CDC data -but remains one of only three states not reporting daily information itself) Florida Republicans continue to demagogue a fundamental public health issue. Never one to […]

What is Governor DeSantis Covid endgame?

Covid is threatening to overrun the state of Florida again. In the last ten days, according to CDC data, Florida has accounted for almost 25% of new COVID cases in the nation and many of the state’s hospitals are being largely overrun with new Covid patients just weeks after we were told that vaccinated Americans […]

The great freeze of 1894-1895

On this week Florida History Podcast, we discuss the great freeze of 1894-95 and its impact on the citrus industry and it triggering a growth of citrus in California while also promoting Henry Flagler to extend his railroad to Miami. Florida’s citrus industry recovered eventually but citrus production was cut by almost 600% at one […]

Florida Democrats, Cuba and Haiti: Different standards

Once again Florida’s Democrats find themselves so fearful of the term “socialism” that they are pandering when they discuss policy. Maybe it’s because of the oxygen media in the state gives this term despite feigning sympathy with the mis-characterization (Ron DeSantis, whose ideology is one of Statist authoritarianism is hardly ever characterized as anything but […]

SOS Governor DeSantis – Fiddling while Florida Burns

COVID-19 is back in a big way for Floridians, with over 40,000 new cases recorded in the last four days. This includes Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican from Tampa who is vaccinated. Florida accounts for about 25% of the news cases nationally in the last three days according to the Centers for Disease Control […]

Blue Springs, The St Johns River and William Bartram

Famous Philadelphia naturalist William Bartram had previously visited Florida, but his 1774 visit to East Florida was among his most famous travels and left a lasting impression of the then-British colony. Bartram began his trek on Amelia Island in March 1774. He sailed through the St Johns River observing Alligators, Bears and Snakes. He also […]

What is the Cost of our Fear?

My abuelita used to tell us if people know/understand your fear(s) they can control you, she was teaching us about Santeria, which she had been taught to fear.  Besides being taught to fear Santeria she saw people in her old neighborhood in Cuba lose their minds because they thought someone used brujeria on them. I […]

TFS + – Cuba, not Covid dominating Florida politics?

Incredibly as Florida records a disproportionate number of new Covid cases in the state compared to other states, has an Attorney General who contracted COVID and prepares to send kids back to school without masks, Cuba is a more pressing issue for the state politicians. Florida has produced almost 30,000 new COVID cases in the […]

Florida impacts of JetBlue/American alliance after six months

Let’s look at the impacts of the Northeast alliance between JetBlue Airways and American Airlines six months into implementation of what is essentially a single-entity airline now flying from New York and Boston to Florida. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly stepped up its probe of the alliance. Competitors have complained that the alliance […]