Florida Republicans are sickening – DeSantis and his allies are employing tyrannical overreach and overheated demagoguery during Florida’s darkest days.

While COVID explodes in Florida (over the last ten days, Florida with under 7% of the nation’s population has accounted for over 20% of new cases according to CDC data -but remains one of only three states not reporting daily information itself) Florida Republicans continue to demagogue a fundamental public health issue.

Never one to be outdone Rep. Anthony Sabatini’s has called for a Special Session (though even Sabatini would have had a hard time penning the above letter credited to Governor DeSantis). Ironically Rep. Sabatini attacks left-wingers while mimicking the tactics of some of the leftist communist government of yesteryear. Conservatives once believed the government closest to the people was best informed to make decisions – I am a Coral Springs resident and was among those urging my city to reimpose a mask mandate which they did. I hope all local governments are prepared to go to court and fight the tyrannical overreach of the Ron DeSantis’ state government and defend the public health decisions local communities have made.

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    It’s time for the US Attorney General and the US Justice Department to do their thing…sadly outside of telling private corps and university systems they can require the vaccine they aren’t going to do anything more.

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