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In a Rubio Presidency would President Obama be tried for Sedition or Treason?

Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for his possible crimes related to Watergate. But would Marco Rubio do the opposite, in fact try and prosecute President Obama for sedition or treason? Considering that Senator Rubio stated that President Obama has “deliberately weakened America” one must assume he has evidence of the current occupant of the Oval Office’s […]

Marco Rubio: The true “con-artist” of the GOP race

Marco Rubio has some of the cutest soundbites. The highly robotic and programmed Junior Senator from Florida is one of the most ideologically rigid and dangerous people to be seriously considered for a major party Presidential nomination since World War II. Yet, Rubio has been able to get rounds of applause from audiences and critical […]

Will you be Hillary’s next superpredator?

We know now that the theory of the superpredator is utter bullshit. In the 90s the idea was pushed by John DiIulio, a professor at Princeton who fear-mongered that by 2010, there would be “an estimated 270,000 more young predators on the streets.” This, of course, never happened. His predictive failure was nonetheless a coup […]

Orlando soccer coverage is moving

Starting next Tuesday, coverage of The Orlando Pride, Orlando City SC, Orlando City B and other soccer events in Central Florida will be moving over to  Bookmark the site for its outstanding political, sports and entertainment coverage today!    

Flashback Friday: Senator Bob Graham and Authorization for the Iraq War

After last weekend’s Future of Florida Summit at the Bob Graham Center in Gainesville I began thinking in-depth about the lead up to the Iraq War once again. It’s become an issue in the face for both Presidential nominations and the war is in hindsight seen as a fatal mistake. While many in Washington in […]

TFS Radio – Sanders v Clinton, Rubio v Trump and Graham Center Summit

In this Thursday edition of TFS Radio, Brook, Katy and Kartik discuss Bernie Sanders and the #Blacklivesmatter movement, Hillary Clinton’s corporatism, Marco Rubio’s tacit backing from the mainstream press and the Graham Center Future of Florida Summit. Full audio is embedded below.

Marco Rubio – A Neoconservative Presidential Dream

Marco Rubio is now the de facto frontrunner to win the GOP nomination for President, despite not having won a single caucus or primary thus far in the process With Donald Trump benefiting from a fragmented field and the media playing soft on Rubio, it’s only a matter of time before a narrowing contest favors […]

Audio: Organize Now expanding to Hillsborough County

Organize Now is expanding with a new office opening in Tampa. I spoke with their new Director, Tammy Thomas-Miles and Director of Political Operations, Tim Heberlein about the basics of the Organize Now model of civic engagement, as well as the difference between transformational and transactional change.

The growing alliance between Marco Rubio and the mainstream press

Political reporters and inside-the-beltway type pundits do not like Donald Trump. That much has been clear for sometime. But what is becoming apparent as the race for the GOP nomination is essentially reduced to two serious contenders, is that the media has now entered into a tacit alliance with Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. We […]

Fear of a media fiasco? Repubs table heinous “stand your ground” bill

This is what’s it’s come to in Florida. Right-wingers and the NRA not only want an environment in The Gunshine State where killing people is convenient — they’re also demanding that victims’ families must fight legal barriers to seeking justice when they’ve lost a loved one. A bill that petered out today (SB 344), would have forced State Attorneys to prosecute “stand […]