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MSD a year later: A triumph of political tribalism and inaction

I’ve lived most of my life in Coral Springs, so when last February 14 tragedy struck Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland (half of MSD’s students come from Coral Springs) it impacted me profoundly. A year later, what have we endured in terms of meaningful governmental action or dialogue to solve such problems? Not […]

Will the March For Our Lives Become a March to the Polls in November?

By Dr Rachel Pienta Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to interview Mary Leigh Watters Blek for a scholarly anthology on women and activism. That name may not be familiar to many people, but the woman who partnered with her to give birth to an event that would be known as the Million Mom […]

From Columbine to Stoneman Douglas: what have we learned?

By Dr. Rachel Pienta For the past ten days, like so many Americans, I have been immersed in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting. I have worked in schools all of my professional life – as a teacher, professor, and parent volunteer. I was in graduate school, teaching future teachers, when the Columbine shooting […]

In the wake of the MSDHS shooting we must remain angry but listen to one another

I’ve waited ten days to comment on this website about the school shooting because unlike other school shootings or tragedies or terrorist events, this one not only happened in my nation (San Bernandino, Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc), my state (Pulse) or my county (FLL shooting) but happened in my backyard, just literally around the corner […]

FL Democratic Progressive Caucus statement on Ft. Lauderdale mass shooting: Enough Already

Once again Florida has suffered a mass shooting. This time it happened in one of the busiest airports in the United States, Fort Lauderdale International. According to reports the shooter, Esteban Santiago, had checked his gun in a bag and upon retrieving his luggage, went to a bathroom and emerged with a loaded 9mm. He emptied it […]

Darren Soto politicizes Orlando tragedy despite years of NRA support

Our friend Peter Schorsch has an exquisite takedown of Darren Soto’s record on guns in wake of his highly politicized call for a Special Session of the Florida Legislature after the Orlando tragedy. Soto’s record on guns as Schorsch points out is consistent over the years including as recently as last year. Schorsch writes: Rather […]

The Phlip Side: Gun Politics

The massacre in Orlando has filled me with shock and sadness.  I will never understand what would drive a human being to commit mass murder.  I refuse to accept that it is ever okay, or acceptable on any level, to discriminate against people because of who they love.  The thing that makes me saddest of […]

Orlando terror attack: Time for moderation and listening to prevail

The left and the right in the United States have both once again raced to politicize a tragedy after the terror attack on the LGBT community in Orlando by an alleged backer of Daesh (known as ISIL in the west). On the right, conservatives have run to blame President Obama and his “softness” on terrorism […]

Fear of a media fiasco? Repubs table heinous “stand your ground” bill

This is what’s it’s come to in Florida. Right-wingers and the NRA not only want an environment in The Gunshine State where killing people is convenient — they’re also demanding that victims’ families must fight legal barriers to seeking justice when they’ve lost a loved one. A bill that petered out today (SB 344), would have forced State Attorneys to prosecute “stand […]

Are Democrats fundamentally mispositioned on law enforcement and guns?

Gun control and police brutality are two of biggest domestic issues facing the country currently. President Obama has made gun control a center piece of his agenda at the same time as the views of law enforcement are probably at an all-time low on the left. While personally I hold the the liberal view on […]