Does Nikki Fried have a gun problem? YES

Last month, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried sued the Biden Administration about an issue related to guns, citing “freedom” as a leading cause of her position.

Now Fried claims she’s for an Assault Weapons Ban:

Fried has a history of supporting GOP candidates and pro-gun legislators including former Senate President Joe Negron. Senator Annette Taddeo, a primary rival of Freid’s was spot on with this tweet:

Not everyone is convinced by Fried’s conversion, because well, Fried has flip-flopped on the issue THIS WEEK, something she’s accused Charlie Crist of doing on reproductive rights in the past.

Much like on the issue of masks where Fried’s own instincts were to be to the right (possibly because of her extensive ties to and previous support for prominent GOP candidates?), the Ag Commissioner is mis-positioned on guns to win a Democratic Primary.

Her 11th hour conversion on banning Assault Weapons (actually it’s past midnight given recent events) should render her comments about Crist on reproductive rights null and void (as should her claims of Crist’s disloyalty as a former GOPer, given Fried is on the record supporting some horrible GOP candidates far more recently than Crist).

Fried’s own public narrative has appeared to be an attempt to show contempt for the values of voters in the Democratic Party, while obsessing about Ron DeSantis personally and highlighting photos and videos of herself.

Frankly, it’s all quite pathetic.

My personal view is if you support meaningful gun control or the core values that make people Democrats in this state, both Annette Taddeo and Charlie Crist appear far more in-tune with primary electorate, and less contemptuous of the voters in the party.


  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    THIS is the core issue of our lives. I’m going to listen to folks ask about the definition of an “Assault weapon,” but we ALL know what they are. I expect that the day after our DEMOCRATIC Governor is sworn in, following the November election, there will be an ASSAULT weapons ban. I will do everything that I can to see that Governor Charlie Crist has enough legislative support to get this DONE !!!!


  2. Tom Bryson · ·

    Florida is a red state. Florida is a gun state. Nikki is running for Governor, a statewide race. Nikki is a Democrat. Nikki will not win if she embraces our unrealistic at this time dreams about the correct place for guns in our society.

    Remember these five words:


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