The time for Nikki Fried to end her quixotic campaign for Governor has come – Democrats must unite to fight the budding DeSantis theocracy

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried certainly has her fans – marijuana activists, young people, out-of-state “resistance” types and those who like quixotic, narcissistic and impulsive candidates (perhaps they want a Democratic version of President Trump?).

Here at TFS, we believed Senator Annette Taddeo would make the best Democratic candidate for Governor. We also like Governor Charlie Crist, and I personally am someone who has watched him since 1995, so do know the entirety of his record as both a GOPer and a Democrat. People evolve and change with time, and quite frankly Crist was never that conservative (though he was, unfortunately, very partisan during the Chiles years) – particularly as Attorney General where I’d say he was actually quite a good public servant.

Senator Taddeo has done what is best for the party, shifting to the CD-27 race where Congresswoman Salazar is among the most vulnerable GOPers in the US House. The other Democratic candidate, Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell is someone, that I would not personally support or ever endorse, so this is a great move for the party.

Back to Commissioner Fried, who is a train wreck as we’ve pointed out on these pages for a year or more. While Fried has characterized herself as a loyal Democrat when compared to former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, the reality is Fried has supported GOPers much more recently than Crist, who left the GOP in April 2010. In fact, she’s supported some of the WORST GOPers currently or recently in office in this state.

Fried has openly backed the likes of Joe Negron, Manny Diaz Jr, and Ashley Moody among many others in the era that Charlie Crist has been a Democrat. Fried has also not been the champion for consumers or the environment we had hoped she’d be, when we supported her in 2018. If anything, Governor DeSantis is actually better on some of those issues than her (what’s the point of backing a Democrat then?).

Instead of rehashing old narratives, we’ll link all our previous articles with concerns about Fried below and say, the time has come for her to withdraw from the Governor’s race, so Democrats can unite behind Charlie Crist and start to define Ron DeSantis’ growing theocracy for what it is. The Florida Democratic leadership needs to come together to force Fried’s hand on this, and perhaps it’s not too late for her to run for Ag Commissioner again – because the idea of a Wilton Simpson-run DOACS is horrifying.

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  1. Millie Herrera · ·

    So you think that the ONLY Democrat who has won a statewide election in 20 YEARS, and who has been a hard working Cabinet member and a thorn on the side of DeSantis for 4 years should step down because…???

    It’s either a high dose of misogyny or you love seeing us continue to lose elections! I’m looking forward to seeing Governor Nikki Fried being sworn in next year!


  2. Fuck You Charlie · ·

    Funny how you championed Taddeo, a total loser.

    At least Fried will get double-digits!


  3. Joe Kreps · ·

    Crist is a flip flopping loser. We need a Pro Choice women as Governor. Nikki is a winner. DeSatan will rip Crist to shreds.


  4. Do you mean:
    The Charlie Crist whose political skills, wasted as Governor in 2010 needed to be a US Senator?
    The Charlie Crist when loosing the 2010 primary to Rubio quit to run as an Independent?
    The Charlie Crist spoiler who lost the Senate race to Rubio and tragically ended the political career of Rep. Kendrick Meek, a 17 year veteran elected public servant?
    The John “For The People” Morgan’s foundling, billboard scrubbed and dumped on the Democrats doorstep with instructions, RETURN TO GOVERNOR’S MANSION, Charlie Crist?
    The After Democratic party leaders shunned long serving loyal candidate to anoint, lost a challenge to the reelection of Rick Scott, Charlie Crist?
    The Charlie Crist who after poaching a 34 year Republican held Congressional seat in 2017 now quits to get his old job back?
    And let’s not forget that famous Obama hug. Charlie is hated by Republicans and will insure big Republican turnout. He is a loser and a quitter and he will lose in November if we choose him as our nominee.
    Nikki Fried is a loyal Democrat and should have our support. She should be our nominee.


    1. Joe Kreps · ·

      I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one who has a memory. I could ad a lot more to Crist’s destruction of our party but I haven’t got the time. Nikki is my choice for sure.


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