Nikki Fried is continuing to embarrass herself

We’ve spent a lot of ink on this site regarding whether Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is someone the Democrats can afford to nominate for Governor. Her track record of unforced errors and gaffes hit a boiling point some time ago.

An embarrassingly patronizing tweet that should offend anyone from North Florida

Since those articles were written, questions have increased about Fried’s ability to take on Governor Ron DeSantis in November, should the party nominate her. It’s also become widely known among activists that Fried donated heavily to Attorney General Ashley Moody’s 2018 Campaign. Moody is the sort of partisan Attorney General, that serves this state poorly by putting the GOP’s agenda above that of our citizens. Moody’s office and its legal actions have become increasingly political. And by the way, Fried has other ties to prominent Republicans that surely will cause concern for many Democratic primary voters.

But it seemed of late Fried was settling down and running a more tactical campaign. That was until this week.

On Tuesday, as Florida was engulfed in a Special Session where an authoritarian governor was trying to take punitive action against a private corporation and was pushing through a Congressional map drawn in his office, Commissioner Fried was tweeting this:

While I am realist who understands the mask and vaccine issues are now cutting against Democrats, I also was quite offended that a leading Democrat would be apparently celebrating a defeat for public health and the Biden Administration in court (and also effectively siding with DeSantis on this issue). Apparently, I was not alone as many took to social media to share my frustrations.

Then matters got worse. On Wednesday, this happened:

Then she doubled down on the mask thing!

“Get back to normal?” I hope Commissioner Fried checks the latest COVID numbers from Florida, because we are NOT done with the pandemic. Not even close to being done…

I’ve written plenty about Fried in the past and don’t need to rehash my thoughts. They can be easily found in the archives of this site or the links I have shared above. But most importantly, these three tweets put in perspective what we are dealing with. A reckless self-promoter whose lack of discipline as a candidate will probably doom the party up and down the ballot if she’s nominated. Unless she shapes up really quickly, Democrats cannot afford to allow her to take the party down with her in November.

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  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    I wanted to learn more about Fried and Taddeo. Now I want to learn more about Taddeo. I had hoped that Fried, a South Florida Dem, might have truly progressive instincts. Now, though, it seems she is more of a promoter than a progressive Democrat. In other words, Biden is down in the polls, so why don’t I sue him? must be her thinking. Folks in the northern part of the state sure love their guns, so why don’t I make an issue out of the freedom to own guns? could be another thought floating through her calculating head.


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