What did Governor Ron DeSantis say and when did he say it, to which local officials? This is a key question now. Considering unlike his predecessors, Gov. DeSantis suspends, local, elected officials for minor infractions, or just for crossing him. Politically, you can understand why local authorities were hesitant to issue evacuation orders. If I […]

I fired off this tweet storm yesterday evening after going through my own notes on Hurricane Irma taken in September 2017. It’s pretty clear despite my personal distaste for Governor Scott’s approach, it was more effective in coordination with local governments as well as proactive about evacuations than the DeSantis approach in Ian. For those […]

With Hurricane Ian’s death toll rising in addition to the other enormous costs for Florida, this seems like an appropriate time to discuss the 1935 Labor Day Keys Hurricane, the strongest to ever make landfall in the US. The National Hurricane Center in 2014 reclassified the 1935 Keys Labor Day Storm, one of the greatest tragedies […]

This is really important in the wake of Ian. All sorts of promises of change were made after Irma, and most promises were not kept. By Islanders41 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62406207 IRMA A YEAR LATER: ASSESSING THE RUBBLE OF FLORIDA’S DISASTER AND PREVENTING FAILURE AGAIN September 9, 2018 · by Kartik Krishnaiyer · in 2018, Hurricane season · 2 Comments ·Edit From […]

Note: We’re publishing early today Ron DeSantis for better or worse has attracted a lot of new Floridians, ones let’s just say that are showing how unFloridian they are in reaction to Ian. Here are some choice Tweets from Saturday courtesy of Florida Politics Publisher Peter Schorsch. It was quite odd to see DeSantis doing […]

I penned this piece for The New Republic, on Thursday after Ian ravaged much of the state.

Five years ago, to mark the 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew we ran a special series. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, it’s time reup this. Here are links from our archives: Part I: 1966 to 1992 Complacency and good luck for south Florida  Part II: The week leading into Andrew  NOAA image Part III […]

I’ve been personally stressing as long as Twitter has existed that the cone that the NHC uses and then public seems to love is a misleading tool, often causing deadly confusion. The focus on the “cone” does more harm than good. It’s often forgotten, that the cone projects into the future the potential location of […]

Northeast Florida Fortunately Jacksonville escaped the effects that areas further south (and east, keep in mind the coast’s curvature here) had. Heavy winds, some rain and no flooding on St Johns River or its tributaries in Duval County. However, St Johns County had major flooding along the Matanzas River and standing water on city streets […]

In the wake of Ian’s wrath, questions are being asked about why evacuations from barrier islands and vulnerable areas were so late and seemingly poorly executed compared to past storms. Let’s asses the potential reasons why: Uncertainty in track Ian’s center was forecast at various times to hit the Bahamas, Miami, Naples, St Petersburg, Cedar […]