Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of Infowars has effectively endorsed Ron DeSantis for President, and confirmed my view that DeSantis is EXPONENTIALLY worse than Donald Trump. Interestingly Jones does have a history with Florida elected officials having once played host to Alan Grayson, currently a candidate in Florida’s 10th Congressional District Democratic Primary.

Two weeks after touting the probable size of its Fort Lauderdale base after its proposed merger with Spirit is completed, JetBlue is cutting TEN nonstop routes permanently from Fort Lauderdale. Several however, are currently flown by Spirit. The ten cities are: Aruba, Cartagena, Chicago, Cleveland, Grand Cayman, Phoenix, Providenciales, Portland (OR), Saint Maarteen and Seattle. […]

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the Saltwater Railroad, which facilitated African-Americans to escape slavery via Cape Florida. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free which enable you to subscribe and listen […]

A Judgeship in Broward County Court Group 15 is open. Michael Ahearn is a cancer survivor as well as currently coping with kidney disease. A veteran attorney who has served in just about every area of law imaginable and done much as a pro bono attorney, he currently focuses on probate and guardianship. He’s been […]

With his more than $30,000 in contributions to Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis and other extreme Republicans, it’s been clear for some time that City Commission candidate David Bellamy was a stalking horse for Tallahassee Republicans. But lately his campaign tactics have made it even more obvious that Bellamy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just […]

The Kashmir crisis has consumed India and Pakistan since independence. It is the defining aspect of politics in South Asia and it should not be. To understand Kashmir, you have to understand partition. Partition cost approximately a 1,000,000 lives as the departing British much like they did in Ireland partitioned India based on religion. I […]

On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis is scheduled to host a rally for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, despite Mastriano’s connections to Gab and notable antisemitic extremists like Andrew Torba. Ahead of that rally, the Florida Democratic Party Jewish Caucus Board issued the following statement: “At a time when we’re seeing a dangerous rise in antisemitism across the […]

NOTE: This is a personal column by Kartik Krishnaiyer and DOES NOT reflect the views of TFS as a publication– TFS has declined to make an endorsement in the Governor’s race. The GOP and entrenched business interests in this state are fearful of a Charlie Crist governorship. While it’s fair for those Democratic voters solely […]

India’s democracy has been consistent as we discussed yesterday- a remarkable achievement for a developing nation. But it hasn’t been all sweetness and light. I’ll preface this piece by saying, this is a highly simplified version of how things have gone, but done as a sort of an “India for Dummies” narrative. India has since […]