Fresh from her sadly unsuccessful District 9 Congressional race, one of our favorite local progressive Dems, Susannah Randolph, has embarked on her next political endeavor: a grassroots anti-Trump campaign called Floridians Against Trump. And it even comes with its own hot-take acronym —”FAT.” Yes, get ready, gentle readers, for FAT. Randolph is bringing the FAT, […]


When it comes to Congresswoman Corrine Brown, most of the public knows what they read about in the newspaper or see on television.  It’s almost entirely negative.    But, if she was as bad as the media portrays, why did she get elected to Congress for so many years and get so much done?    […]


As our loyal readers have noticed, posting has been virtually non-existent on this site since May.  Both Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer had political commitments through the August 30 primary that created time conflicts among other things. The opportunity costs of taking political clients on in a busy period forced both of us to drop […]


The Republicans found Congresswoman Corrine Brown very useful for 23 years.    The first reason is her district helped them win Congressional seats in Northeast and Central Florida.    The district included most of Jacksonville’s black population and Democrats.  Jacksonville’s other Congressional district was largely whitewashed of minority voters which made it a very safe […]

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Primary night confirmed what the Florida Democratic establishment most wanted this election cycle: a massive Patrick Murphy victory for US Senate and a resounding electoral repudiation of Congressman Alan Grayson. The establishment will crow about the Grayson defeat and call it a referendum supporting its ongoing mission to push, shove, and kick progressives out the […]


The push by conservative groups to continue dominating the legislative process in the state of Florida has this year intensified with unprecedented spending and interest in Democratic primaries. Since most seats in the legislature and Florida’s congressional delegation are essentially decided in partisan primaries, groups aligned with Republican interests have wisely chosen to engage heavily […]

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The outcome of what happens on Tuesday’s Primaries will not determine the success or failure of movement progressivism, but we’d be wise to take some time to reflect on what went well and where we can go from here. The robust progressive wave of the primary cycle has brought people out who normally sit on […]