Editors Note: We’re re-running this piece from September 2021 this morning for obvious reasons. Something must be in the water in Walton County! Walton County began flying the Confederate battle Flag over its courthouse in 1964 during the heart of the Civil Rights movement. The flag was moved and replaced by another Confederate flag (the […]

The Florida Turnpike should be more than a highway – it should be a cultural marker for Florida, a way to build a collective state identity as well as promote the state’s greatest features to tourists. The Turnpike should be Florida’s biggest and best billboard for visitors once they visit, and easier to navigate than […]

The building of the Overseas Railroad is one of great engineering feats in Florida’s history – in fact it might actually be one of the most amazing marvels in American history. Built thanks to Henry Flagler’s ingenuity and his deep pockets, the east coast railroad that had changed Florida was extended to the Keys to […]

In a short episode this week of the Florida History Podcast, we discuss the 1883 Ocala Fire which destroyed two luxury hotels and six city blocks. Ocala was a frontier town at the time but was rebuilt and became a key Florida city in the aftermath.  You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which […]

This was filmed the day after Hurricane Nicole left the region. Sweetbay Natural Area is in northwest Palm Beach County right behind the North County Regional Airport.

The Koreshan Unity machines shops were built in the early 1900’s. They were slightly damaged by Hurricane Ian – this video was filmed about ten days before Ian’s landfall in September 2022.

Since the November 8 election, GOP establishment figures and the donor class in that party have coalesced around an idea that Governor Ron DeSantis represents a departure from Trumpism. Opinion pieces like this one The Washington Post have littered publications both online and in print. It’s hard to know if these sorts of views are […]

Last week, Elon Musk doubled-down on his support of Ron DeSantis as a potential Presidential candidate. On Tuesday, in Jacksonville, DeSantis rewarded Musk, by oddly pushing an anti-capitalist, anti-free market message while attacking the P.R. China (whose statism DeSantis emulates often but he doesn’t like their Covid policies- the reason was he was defending Musk […]