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Marco Rubio is a charlatan. He’s the worst kind of deceitful devious politician. Some politicians don’t have any sort of belief system or ideology. That’s not a positive thing obviously, but what is worse is a politician that will or do anything to get elected  or to get public praise or attention, but has at […]

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President Trump today unilaterally pulled the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This unilateral action and the potential of Trump invoking a Brexit-like article to abrogate NAFTA have spread fear this afternoon among many. How do our readers feel about Trump’s actions? Given the Democrats conflicted views about Free Trade, this seems […]

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Donald J. Trump has become President of the United States, an event that has reduced the United States to being an object of ridicule the world over. Trump’s less endearing behavior includes berating political opponents and those whom he characterizes as disloyal Americans. At the top of Trump’s list is the media. Trump’s war against […]


The original 5 Lies Florida Democratic Party Needs to Stop Telling Us was published long before the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and ultimately, the tragic failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. I’ve rewritten the whole essay. Now it’s “4 Lies Democrats still need to stop telling…(and one truth we should learn).” Starting with the one […]

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As the world watches the peaceful transition of power in the United States with a certain degree of anxiety and awe progressives look to regroup. Today seems a perfect day to look at the exit polling data from November 8 and try and comprehend how Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency here in Florida. Progressives are […]


Lost in much of the analysis in the breakdown of the Democrats fall outside of urban areas in the state is the collapse of the party’s competitiveness among catholic voters- particularly non-Hispanic catholic voters over the past eight years. Per exit polling data Democrats have gone from Barack Obama winning the overall catholic vote statewide […]

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This past Saturday, Florida Democrats elected Stephen Bittel as the new party Chairman by a wide margin. Bittel’s first major event in his honeymoon period appears to be meeting with billionaire donors and Clintonian propagandists. Bittel as FDP Chair has taken office in time for this coming weekend’s billionaire retreat hosted by David Brock, the former right-wing […]