Governor Ron DeSantis is at this point in time the most likely person to be President of the United States in January 2025. In fact, he feels as inevitable today as Richard Nixon was on June 7, 1968 or Andrew Jackson was on April 1, 1825. And DeSantis is in this position due to one […]

The United States loves to say “we’re number 1!” and have otherwise ignorant fans in sports chant “USA USA USA!” America is always the best, always on top. We are god’s chosen people, an exceptional race (even though we’re not a race or ethnicity or anything of the sort, but what does that matter, we […]

One of my favorite local urban parks for walking and birding in a Florida city is Scott Springs in Ocala. The park also features a sinkhole. Here is a video of the sinkhole taken earlier this month:

Roe overturned. Reproductive freedom gone for so many Americans. We knew this day was coming since the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett in October 2020, but still conceptualizing a post-Roe Florida and United States was always difficult. Never before has this nation taken away a long established right. For all the previous inconsistencies and discrimination […]

Four years ago, I took it on the chin for condemning the rush of progressives to back Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor. Unfortunately, I knew a little too much about Gillum’s character and ethics to find comfort with the idea of him being the standard-bearer for a party that should be focusing on ethics […]

A Cypress Swamp at the Arthur Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge just west of Boynton Beach.

With operational problems plaguing the entire airline sector and Florida flight pull downs becoming more prevalent, it’s time for some good news. Sources tell me Virgin Atlantic will be launching Tampa service. I presume this means Tampa’s first ever flights to Heathrow Airport, as Virgin has halted service to Gatwick. A Heathrow link is critical […]

The police unions endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio over a lifetime law enforcement officer and official in Val Demings is no surprise. The FOP & PBA have long become adjuncts of political power and conservative causes, in fact directly aiding the rise of the GOP in this state. The police unions support for Jeb Bush […]

In today’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss the modern history of the Florida GOP from the 1950’s until the Jeb Bush era. A party that had distinct moderate and conservative wings and also had the pressure of former segregationist Democrats moving into the party, clashing with traditional GOPers, most of whom were pro-environment, temperamentally moderate […]