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Welcome to the TFS Express Lane

Beginning Sunday evening, our writers and sources will be giving quick hits through Election Day with thoughts and insights from the trail. The feature will run Sunday-Thursday through November 8. Look for the Express Lane daily, sometime between 6 and 9 pm ET.

Florida Albion Podcast Schedule – First four episodes

February 15 – Introduction to series February 22- Building the Castillo de San Marcos In this episode, we’ll discuss the events that led to the Spanish crown finally replacing a wooden fort with a Coquina stone one. We will discuss the constant pressure Spanish Florida, a prosperous colony in the 1600’s felt from French and […]

Is right v left no longer the real ideological battle? Is it really Community v individualism?

In the coming days, we’ll explore this idea – the growing view that while we’re divided by culture the actual ideological battles aren’t between right vs left but they are revolve more around personalities and the idea of community goals v individual ones. Or maybe it’s a battle between interconnected Communalism v classic Libertarianism? Before […]

Explanation to readers for my use of the term socialism to describe Florida Republicans and other notes on Democratic messaging

Yesterday, I penned an article arguing this week’s legislative session was about Republicans pushing their own version of socialism regarding COVID, which in my opinion has been a constant theme of the formerly conservative GOP since Donald Trump’s election in 2016. The use of the term socialism set off a firestorm on my phone, but […]

Depression, mental health, anxiety and accountability. It’s okay not to be okay but also not okay to always blame others

I am taking a moment away from politics and Florida society to discuss my own recent bout with depression, though like all things in my life politics is never far away. July 2021 has been the month I have felt the most lost in my life and been full of nervousness and anxiety. In advance […]

July on TFS + – Democrats messaging, DeSantis, daily Florida history content and much more!

This month on TFS+ : A look at Florida Democrats messaging woes and some ideas of how to turn it around A deeper dive into Ron DeSantis potential vulnerabilities Additional content on Hurricane season Bonus audio content Daily Florida History visual content Much much more! Join TFS + here for as little as $3/month .

The Florida Squeeze launches TFS + and TFS + Pro via Patreon with enhanced features

We have launched a Patreon site with two tiers which will give additional content to subscribers. The current site and features will remain free always, however we will offer additional content on Patreon. Two tiers will be offered for supporters of the site – $3/month and $5/month. Each week we will offer additional written and […]

The Florida Squeeze is now on YouTube

Our latest documentaries about the state’s history are now available for quick viewing on our new YouTube channel. In the future we plan to add audio from select Florida History Podcasts to the channel.

The Florida History Podcast launches later this month

We have a new addition to The Florida Squeeze. The Florida History Podcast presented by The Florida Squeeze will debut the week of Memorial Day. Each week, Robert Buccellato, acclaimed author of multiple books about Florida History and Kartik Krishnaiyer will tackle a specific topic in Florida History. Motivated by the successful genre of podcast […]

A message from Kartik Krishnaiyer on Florida Democrats and this site’s future direction

When The Florida Squeeze began publication in early 2013 the guiding mission was to give a progressive perspective on politics and other happenings here in Florida. The concept was to create a site that doesn’t engage in personality conflicts related to a party that is on a two-decade losing streak but to critically point out […]