DeSantis Presidential announcement and the US Health Care system

To our loyal Florida Squeeze readers, I’ve not written any original content since last week, because as many of you know, my dad passed suddenly on Friday – he was suffering from cancer, but had not even been hospitalized since 2005 when he collapsed Friday afternoon and was rushed to the ER where he passed. He was diagnosed with cancer just two months ago, but the entire process by which he was diagnosed (or wasn’t diagnosed in time) and then was treated has opened my eyes further about the US Healthcare system and how poor it really is (even if you are of a certain economic means, which my family is) when compared to health care in other major industrialized nations.

This is a subject I plan to spend much time on in the future. I have been a supporter of Medicare for All, but quite frankly I am not sure that is good enough or solves much after what I have seen the last year or so within Medicare. I also have my own experiences of the last 14 months where I have been on the Obamacare marketplace for the first time, to weigh into this analysis.

Meanwhile, Governor Ron DeSantis is running for President. It’s pretty stunning he choose to announce on Twitter – but given the DeSantistan hostility to mainstream press combined with the inability to pack and fire up a room like former President Trump, maybe Twitter was a smart idea- although as I am sure by now everyone realizes the execution was about as inept and embarrassing as possible.

But I’d like to focus on Governor DeSantis record on Health Care and his hostility to medicaid expansion in Florida. Considering that President Trump has tried to turn the GOP into a more populist party whose core support relies on working class voters, DeSantis fealty to the GOP donor class and dated ideological principles help explain why Florida’s Governor has arguably the single worst record of any current US Governor on health care issues.

When I say Governor DeSantis has a bad record on health care please don’t scream gender affirming care or something of that note, which is very niche – think about the 1.7 million Floridians that have lost health coverage THIS YEAR thanks to DeSantis.

Much more on this in the near future…

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  1. Kartik, I’m so sorry about your father. May his memory be a blessing.

    I’m looking forward to your posts on healthcare. Though I’m covered by traditional Medicare and I’m lucky to be able to afford the coverage I have, it’s still obvious that the system is a mess. I attribute at least three-fourths of it to office mismanagement and not the actual medical care, so I’m interested to hear your thoughts.


    1. Thank you Susan!


  2. Please accept my sincere sympathy on the death of your Dad. There are no other words that I can offer. I am sorry.


    1. Thank you Patti!


  3. Sorry about your Dad Kartik. I know how hard it was for me… I don’t think the mainstream media will scrutinize Desantis enough to be effective. They seem intent on favoring him over Trump.


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