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Charlie Crist Must Work Rural and Smaller Counties to Win

As the dust from Tuesday settles and the victory rallies slow down, the November election starts to come into clear focus.  What happens now?  There are a few facts from Tuesday that the Crist campaign and the Florida Democratic party needs to grapple with. First, all voters need to understand that this race is going […]

Flashback Friday: When Crist and Sheldon faced off in 2000

Disclaimer: Kartik Krishnaiyer is currently serving as the Deputy Campaign Manager for George Sheldon’s Attorney General Campaign and will not be discussing this campaign on TFS. This is a historical piece looking at Mr. Sheldon’s previous statewide campaign.  Yesterday, as I attended the well executed “unity rallies” the Florida Democratic Party put together I could […]

Okay Charlie, Sell Us On Your Veto Power, Get The Base On Board and Don’t Screw This Up

Alright, the primary is finally over. Whether you like it or not, Governor Charlie Crist is now our nominee for the 2014 campaign. The time for infighting, bickering, and complaining is over and we must refocus all of our energy on denying Rick Scott a second term as Governor. Today’s “Unity Rallies” were a good […]

St. Pete Polls getting things right

We’ve previously been critical of aspects of the polling business on this site, including the work of St. Pete Polls. However, in the most recent high-profile Florida elections, the March Special Election in Congressional District 13 and the Democratic Primaries for Governor and Attorney General, St Pete Polls were almost spot on. Polling is a fluid […]

Primary Night Quick Takeaways

  Nan Rich performed about as poorly as a competitive candidate with longstanding experience could have in the largest urban counties. Rich performed as poorly as primary fringe candidates did against Lawton Chiles in 1994 and Alex Sink in 2010. Explaining how this could happen to such a seasoned officeholder will take more space than […]

Election Night Live – Updates, Results and Commentary

Welcome to The Florida Squeeze’s Election Night Live Blog. We will be posting updates and commentary during the evening here. Pinellas County tends to tabulate votes quickly. Orange also does a good job.  Broward and Palm Beach Counties tend to be as slow as molasses and often Broward is especially inefficient in tabulation. So expect […]

Historic High Numbers for Early Voting All Over the State

REMINDER: VISIT TFS TONIGHT FOR LIVE ELECTION DAY COVERAGE BEGINNING AT 6:30 EST.   One of the big differences between 2010 and 2014 is already emerging: record high turnouts for absentee and early voting are reported all over the state, especially in Democratic hot spots.   While there are a few exceptions, in general numbers are […]

Women’s Equality Day and Election Day roll nicely into one

Today is Women’s Equality Day number 94. As I am sure all our readers are aware it was this day in 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was officially certified. Since 1971 when the iconic New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug first introduced legislation, this date has been proclaimed Women’s Equality Day. By […]

Races to Watch – Primary Election 2014

Congress FL 18 – Five way GOP Primary will probably be won by former State Rep. Carl Domino. Domino, a perennial candidate  who had a penchant for under-performing time and again in his six House races (and lost a primary to Mary Lynn Magar in 2012) would be a weak nominee to face Democratic Congressman […]

Monday Musings, Special Primary Edition: Republican House Primaries, David Foster Wallace, HD-67, Nan Rich Support, Democratic House Primaries

Expensive and intense Republican Primaries are helping incumbent Democratic House members, Carl Zimmerman, Karen Castor Dentel and Linda Stewart. While Republicans retain a shot at taking all three seats, the incumbent Democrats have benefited from the GOP Primaries and the Republicans that are nominated including rising star Chris Sprowles will have to quickly replenish their […]