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Anti-Americanism and the global left – my letter to the editor and thoughts on President Obama’s handling of the crisis

Over the last month, the political left both at home and more so abroad have made excuses for the despotic and aggressive behavior of Russia’s plutocracy backed leader, Vladimir Putin. The Russian invasion, annexation and future integration of the Crimea has been justified and excused often in a reflexively anti-American way by some liberals. Legal […]

Die or Get Rich Trying: HCA’s trauma racket finds support in the Legislature

We all know that Gov. Scott’s focus on enterprise and preferential treatment of corporate giants via tax-credit/breaks is the only leg supporting the wobbly stool of policy priorities implemented during his tenure. The Tampa Bay Times’ recent article on the arbitrary, usurious billing policies of the Healthcare Corporation of America’s [HCA] three controversial trauma centers in Florida […]

House Democrats holding the line on vouchers

For weeks we have been calling  for House Democrats to unite in opposition to the dangerous school “choice”  proposals working their way through the chamber’s committee and towards the House floor. Yesterday, committee Democrats stood strong and firm in the Education Appropriations Subcommittee on a revised bill by Chairman Erik Fresen. This proposal was voted […]

Anti-Crist mailer sent by mysterious group

A mysterious group referring to itself as “Progressive Choice” has created a stir among Democrats both in Tallahassee and other parts of the state the past two weeks. The group who have a Facebook page which vaguely shows support for various ideas on the left of the ideological spectrum has mailed a nasty piece about […]

House Democratic Caucus divisions largely non-ideological and personality oriented

In recent days we’ve heard a great deal about the divisions in the House Democratic caucus. In many places they have been cast as fights between the “liberal” wing of the party versus the “moderate” wing of the party. But in reality, what is happening is largely personality driven and politically motivated divisions. Earlier this […]

Anti-Defamation League makes strong statement against revived school “choice” proposal

Today a revived school voucher proposal offered by House Education Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Rep. Erik Fresen (R-Miami) will be heard. Fresen is a strong proponent of school “choice” legislation and has been in the past accused of having major conflicts of interest regarding such legislation along with several other Miami-Dade County Republicans. The Anti-Defamation League […]

Flashback Friday: Tracking Florida’s Presidential drift towards the Democrats

Today let’s  compare a county break down the 1996 Presidential Race where Bill Clinton as an incumbent won the state overwhelmingly (keep in mind Clinton lost Florida in 1992 by under two points) to Barack Obama’s three point win 2008. These were the two best results by Democrats in Florida since Harry Truman’s 1948 victory. […]

Latest Charlie Crist Ad: Again

Excellent spot from Governor Crist on Health Care. Well done and on message both about the issue and about Governor Scott.

Legislative courtesy and the House Democratic leadership

We’ve discussed at length the floor debate on two bills related to firearms from last Thursday. As we discussed Democratic Leader Perry Thurston offered a repeal to Stand Your Ground as an amendment to one of the bills, HB 89 on the floor. Historically even if members of the minority party plan to support a […]

Join Kartik Krishnaiyer For His Reddit AMA On Tuesday 3/25 at 9:30pm ET

Florida Squeeze Editor-in-Chief and World Soccer Talk Senior Writer Kartik Krishnaiyer will be on Reddit on Tuesday night at 9:30pm ET for a Reddit AMA (ask me anything). The rest is from World Soccer Talk: This is an ideal opportunity to ask Kartik any questions that have been on your mind. Just hours after the […]