Anti-Defamation League makes strong statement against revived school “choice” proposal

Today a revived school voucher proposal offered by House Education Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Rep. Erik Fresen (R-Miami) will be heard. Fresen is a strong proponent of school “choice” legislation and has been in the past accused of having major conflicts of interest regarding such legislation along with several other Miami-Dade County Republicans.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has sent a five page letter to Chairman Fresen which was obtained by The Florida Squeeze. The document dissects multiple concerns about the legislation ranging from concerns about discrimination in admissions to voucher schools as well as the feeling that this legislation would not help the neediest families. Several other points are raised in the letter that is linked below.

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The lack of accountability in this school “choice” legislation as well as testing issues are among the reasons why several Republican senators are still thought to oppose this unprecedented expansion of vouchers.

While House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) has placed school “choice” legislation at the top of his priority list, the issue continues to worry some Republican lawmakers and activists. The GOP has through the years failed on repeated occasions to push through full blown vouchers on this scale or so-called “parent trigger” legislation because they have lost the votes of moderate Republican Senators.

Defeating these “school choice” proposals has long been achieved by the building of a broad based coalition of groups across the political, ideological and religious spectrum. Once again the ADL is playing a key role in that coalition.


  1. floridian · ·

    Most Republicans in FL seriously want to privatize the entire public school system.


  2. Most Republicans want to privatize everything. Just think about it…Charter schools in Florida made a 4million profit last year…getting about $6000 per student from taxpayers. Where are the cuts making this profit possible taken? As an educator in the public school system in Florida for 36 years and after managing the budget of a school with 3600 students and 200 employees, I can tell you that the cuts have to come from student services. I have friends who were principals in charter schools and I was appalled by the conditions in those schools necessary to achieve a profitable bottom line to investors. Now, take this in context. I retired in 2000 and conditions may have improved or declined in those 14 years. My bet is “declined” as the push for profit ventures in the public sector have increased.


  3. […] For weeks we have been calling  for House Democrats to unite in opposition to the dangerous school “choice”  proposals working their way through the chamber’s committee and towards the House floor. Yesterday, committee Democrats stood strong and firm in the Education Appropriations Subcommittee on a revised bill by Chairman Erik Fresen. […]


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