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Parents and educators urge Governor Scott to veto HB 7069

Republican legislative leaders particularly House Speaker Richard Corcoran won a major battle with the passage of HB 7069 in the legislative session’s dying moments on Monday May 8. Today educators and parents across the state urged that the Governor veto the legislation. Normally, there would be faint hope that Governor Rick Scott would veto such […]

What we are reading: The battle over recess – Corcoran blames Scott in Tweet

Recess policy has been one of the underlying issues of tension during the course of this legislative session. The recess issue has been a foremost concern this session among education advocates, parent groups and other stakeholders. The legislature has to this point stalled on the issue with some conservatives in the claiming a legislative mandate […]

What we are reading: Florida $36 million short for school consturction

The GOP legislators that have run this state for the better part of two decades have failed to meaningfully address the lack of revenue going into the PECO fund for school construction. The potential for annual PECO shortfalls have been apparent since the late 1990’s, but in the desire the GOP always has to cut […]

Guest Column: Florida cannot be on the fence about education

By Zyana Morris The title of this article is probably a no brainer as elections carry on in full steam. To top it off, business activity has always been one of the healthy strong points of Florida as far as economic growth is concerned. And yet, if figures and warning signs are anything to go […]

City-based School Districts would lead to massive inequality

I read with some curiosity on Saturday a Tampa Bay Times article about a proposal to split school districts. I will admit it caught me completely off-guard because I have not followed anything related to the Florida Legislature this session, as January is always a very busy time for me professionally and unlike in March, […]

Brookings – Rise in student debt thanks to for profit schools

Student loans are one of the greatest causes of permanent personal debt in the United States. The Brookings Institute has released an important study about the role of for-profit schools in this phenomena. Unfortunately, Florida has become one of the epicenters of this industry in the country thanks to the ideological zeal of the legislature’s […]

Jeb Bush’s failed legacy in Florida

GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over eight years ago, yet his influence continues to dominate the legislative agenda of the state GOP. His views on education have been particularly damaging and each GOP legislator in our state must pass a “Bush litmus test” on education in order to be in the […]