The textbook ban: some pressing questions

It appears that despite some recent reinstatement’s, per reports the recent textbook purge means only one publisher will be providing the bulk of math books available for Florida students from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade.

Multiple reports have indicated that the only publisher that had been approved to offer the majority of K-5 math books in Florida schools is owned by the Carlyle Group, whom I am sure needs no introduction to our readers. Since then, nine books have been returned to the eligible list but the DOE’s only explanation is this:

I mean c’mon! This is an official state agency giving this explanation?

For whatever reason the Department of Education is still refusing to disclose the entire list of banned books, or details of why specific books were rejected. The drips of information that have come out only raise more questions. Even Wednesday’s reinstatement of several books came with no transparency, no answers and led to just more questions.

The fact the initial textbook ban was dropped on a Friday night as a news item right before a weekend heading into a special session was an effort to bury it. Well this week, the book ban was back in the headlines and so we have some questions.

  1. What is the full list of math books that have been banned and can we get some reasonable explanation why that is greater than Christina Pushaw posting pictures of random questions from books in Missouri? If math books are being scrutinized for this sort of content what will happen to works of literature, history, earth sciences or social sciences?  
  2. How can Floridians be sure that no one in DeSantis’ administration benefited from creating a math book close-to monopoly? Given the “pay-to-play” mentality in this administration and the continued willingness of DeSantis to avoid any sort of free market principles or competition, how can we trust this was done for the purposes stated which were about Common Core, Wokeness and Critical Race Theory? DeSantis loves to use cultural issues to subterfuge reality, particularly when something more nefarious is at play?
  3. How does the cost of the lone state-approved publisher compare to other math books for K-5 students? Are taxpayers being fleeced?
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