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TFS + early access: DeSantis Jacksonian Republicans vs Biden’s Henry Clay Democrats

Note: This piece will be available for the general public on Saturday afternoon So much of American political discourse these days focuses on a comparison between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s views of Government. President Donald Trump’s love of Andrew Jackson, the conqueror of Florida for the United States was no secret. Ron DeSantis has […]

DeSantis achieves a hat-trick of news cycles with crazy COVID quotes

For three successive news cycles Governor Ron DeSantis has had odd-ball quotes related to Florida’s continuing COVID crisis. This is a remarkable feat, a “hat trick” of sorts. On Wednesday Governor DeSantis told reporters the following : “I don’t know why the masks have politics around it.” Ron DeSantis September 8, 2021 Interestingly it is […]

Governor DeSantis “herd immunity” obsession and desire to out-MAGA Trump guiding so much that’s wrong with his policies.

Each passing news cycle, Governor DeSantis continues to make incredible claims about COVID-19 in Florida and twisting what is in fact scientific and what is political. Ever since last summer when we learned Dr. Scott Atlas had a line into Governor DeSantis, the concept of “herd immunity,” has guided much of the Governor’s thinking and […]

DeSantis mind-boggling Friday quotes translated

Thanks to the Twitter feed of the outstanding The Miami Herald Reporter Mary Ellen Klas for these quotes from the Governor. REGARDING VACCINES AND VACCINE PASSPORTS: “It’s about your health and whether you want that protection or not, it really doesn’t impact me or anyone else.” Ron DeSantis September 3, 2021 TRANSLATION: Governor DeSantis views […]

Florida’s local officials are pandemic heroes

While Governor DeSantis continues to oppose efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while hawking treatment for those already sick, Senate President Wilton Simpson talks up Texas-styled anti-reproductive rights legislation,(effectively a rapist bill of rights) in Florida, and Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran disobeys a court order, because he claims to know the law better […]

The Lincoln Project – DeSantis lies ad

The Lincoln Project is back with a shorter and more effective ad this time pointing out Ron DeSantis’ continued contradictions over COVID in a nice 30 second package.

To win Florida in 2022 Democrats must stay on message- Authoritarianism/corruption and COVID are the ONLY issues that matter.

Florida Democrats face an uphill fight in 2022 to win statewide elections. Every single year, Florida becomes more Republican due to demographic shifts. While throughout the 2015-2018 period many Democrats tried to claim the state was becoming more Democratic due to the influx of Latinos, in fact as the state has gotten less white it […]

TFS+ : Takeaways from DeSantis court defeat on masks

In recent months, Ron DeSantis’ autocratic overreach, whose long arm has reached into private businesses and Florida classrooms has been slapped back three times in court. Once again, DeSantis selective reading of the laws of Florida and unique interpretation of the State Constitution was admonished by a court. Read more.

Tourism tumbling as DeSantis COVID gamble blows up spectacularly

Governor Ron DeSantis’ dogmatic approach to COVID-19 has led Florida to the brink. As the state reaches an untenable position in terms of hospitalizations, procurement of resources and other matters due to the pandemic, the Governor continues to act as if the one true victim of COVID-19 is him – having seen his gaudy approval […]

Has the role of a press secretary has evolved from being a public information officer to bullying on the internet?

Let me preface this discussion with my background – I’ve done corporate and sports communications work in the past but most of my political work has been strategic and campaign operations-related. I have never served as a press secretary for a sitting officeholder, though I have done the job as noted above for companies, soccer […]