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The textbook ban: some pressing questions

It appears that despite some recent reinstatement’s, per reports the recent textbook purge means only one publisher will be providing the bulk of math books available for Florida students from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade. Multiple reports have indicated that the only publisher that had been approved to offer the majority of K-5 math books in […]

Lincoln Project: Ron DeSantis is a liar and Florida GOPers are BAD for Business

The Lincoln Project is out with a slick new ad. Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, they get it.

Lincoln Project goes two-footed into challenge on Rick Scott

Had to use a soccer analogy to describe this Lincoln Project ad about the Scott Tax Hike: Meanwhile we assume everyone has seen this as well… Like the Lincoln Project, I find very few moments when I agree with Roger Stone…but when he’s right, he’s right…

DeSantis Twitter shot reinforces sad reality – Florida is no longer a destination for tech companies

Governor DeSantis centralized statist approach to governing and regulating business is right out of the playbook of Joseph Stalin. DeSantis said this on Tuesday:“We’re gonna be looking at ways the state of Florida potentially can be holding these Twitter board of directors accountable for breaching their fiduciary duty.” Problem is for DeSantis, Twitter is based […]

The DeSantis map – The Voting Rights Act, Fair Districts Amendment, African-American representation and the coming legal hurdles

Powerful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest congressional redistricting map has taken center stage in political circles this week as Florida’s legislators gather in Tallahassee for a special session called by the governor to consider whether to adopt the new map. This the latest and most brazen map yet submitted by Governor DeSantis and his team […]

Dear Governor DeSantis – You may want to know the history of Catholics in Florida before you keep manipulating the teaching of history

Editors Note: Timing is everything. The below column ran about a year ago and got very little traction. But this week we have our ongoing Albion Florida podcast series, dealing coincidentally with Catholicism (podcast will release Tuesday and was taped a month ago) and the State of Florida, banning textbooks, albeit math textbooks. And it’s […]

Florida continues to refuse to divest from Russia – Democrats finally pounce

The State of Florida, as discussed repeatedly on this site has invested more than $300 million in public money in Russian companies. These include energy conglomerates, oil producers, and banks with direct ties to high-ranking Russian oligarchs. These ties extend to government officials who are involved in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As I have […]

“Don’t say gay” playing out EXACTLY how Governor DeSantis intended it to as the Soviet Florida keeps rolling on

Don’t buy the whiny victimization, angry press conferences or indignant tweets from Ron DeSantis and his acolytes. The bottom line is this, the conversation nationally over HB 1557, aka “The Don’t Say Gay Bill,” is playing out EXACTLY how the Governor wants it. In a one party state like the Soviet Union, where DeSantis is […]

Editorial: Remember in November that Florida GOPers mean what they say

For years, a debate has circulated among opinion leaders in this state. Do elected GOPers really intend to end access to reproductive rights in this state? Are they really homophobic? Do they really have an issue with talking about this nation’s past racism? The assumption had often been that the GOP uses these provocative hot-button […]

DeSantis SOTU response steeped in historic racism – I really can’t believe he still does this

Governor Ron DeSantis is now crossing lines that NEVER should be crossed in American politics. While Democrats loved to pick on Donald Trump and say he was racist, I am not sure he ever did something this blatant MONTHS after the history was pointed out. Usually Trump would do something outrageous, be called out and […]