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TFS + – DeSantis congressional map proposal quick thoughts

Last night, a proposed Congressional Map was submitted by the Executive Office of the Governor to the legislature. This map is the clear GOP gerrymander the national party wanted and the Florida Republicans had to this point failed to provide. More over at TFS+.

DeSantis soars into 2022 while Democrats self-inflicted wounds of yesteryear hobble a recovery. Can it be fixed?

I will preface this column by conceding that many readers of this site will find this unpleasant reading. But it is also very true that if Florida were to find a Beto O’ Rourke quality rock star statewide candidate, things may be not quite as bad as they are today. Governor DeSantis enters 2022 as […]

Special Session: Florida Republicans very own Socialism week

Republicans just love calling President Joe Biden a “socialist.” Democrats who could easily point to President Donald Trump’s own record of “socialist” views and actions in how he turned government into a repository of subsidies for groups and industries that supported him, opt not to do so for whatever reason (perhaps it’s because some young […]

Roger Stone’s potential DeSantis’ opposition likely about a lot more than Trump (if it even involves Trump at all).

Roger Stone is threatening to run for Governor as a Libertarian to siphon votes away from Ron DeSantis. Yes- that Roger Stone, who by the way lives in Fort Lauderdale. The assumption has been that Stone is trying to protect Donald Trump from a potential DeSantis candidacy in 2024. Well that could be it, or […]

Florida and the Orbán model – How the Democrats constantly misread DeSantis

Former Weekly Standard publisher and current Bulwark Editor-at-large, Bill Kristol nailed it in this Saturday tweet. The subject at hand is the controversy over free speech and the University of Florida. For those who haven’t paid attention the past few days, the long and short of it is the University under apparent pressure from the […]

DeSantis stalling on Special Elections was unprecedented and cannot be allowed to happen EVER again

After months of improperly (and probably illegally) sitting on calling Special Elections to three majority-minority South Florida legislative seats, the Governor finally moved on Thursday. Here are some points on this: – In 2000, in a safe Democratic seat, when Representative Ed Healey passed away during the second week of session, Jeb Bush called a […]

PolitiFact: DeSantis exaggerates Florida’s success on job creation

Per PolitiFact, Governor DeSantis’ recent claims that Florida has accounted for 44% of new jobs in the US is an exaggeration. Read the full analysis at PolitiFact. Meanwhile per The Miami Herald, Governor DeSantis has set a Special Election date for three open seats that would leave minority representation three seats short for 57 of […]

DeSantis imports to the state are what is really treading on Florida

Last week, Governor DeSantis unveiled a new way to raise money – selling “don’t tread on Florida” bumper stickers and flags. Not so ironically the biggest promoters of these items were outside of DeSantis himself, non-Floridians. Regular readers of this site will know that for years, I have harped on how I believe GOP economic […]

DeSantis Special Session move intensifies his war on the private sector and local governments

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis intensified his war on private industry and local government while deepening his alliance with anti-vaccine and anti-mask forces. Among the proposals DeSantis wants to see per The Miami Herald. A proposal making businesses liable for any medical harm that results from a mandatory vaccination A measure allowing parents to collect attorney’s […]

Florida Democrats join calls RE: DeSantis special election abdication

As we discussed on Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis has chosen to play politics with multiple vacancies in the legislature as session approaches, denying largely minority constituencies in south Florida representation as long as possible. It’s been almost three months since those vacancies were created by Florida’s Resign to Run law, and typically it takes about […]