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TFS Express Lane, September 19: Tallahassee Mayor’s Debate, CFO Patronis Obama tweet, Nikki Fried bringing the heat and a “Dear Leader” Birthday for Florida GOPers

At the first Tallahassee Mayor’s debate of the 2022 general election, John Dailey was every bit the red-faced menace more and more of Tallahassee knows him to be. Practically spitting as he heaved personal invective at his opponent, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier — who came in first place in August, shattering Dailey’s perceived inevitability — […]

The unprecedented DeSantis threat – now so many see it the way I have

This past week has been a whirlwind for me, as messages have flowed in to me, basically saying “you are right.”. As I have discussed at this website for close to two years, I believe Governor DeSantis represents the greatest existential threat to the Republic since Joe McCarthy – that’s right, a greater threat than […]

Welcome to the TFS Express Lane

Beginning Sunday evening, our writers and sources will be giving quick hits through Election Day with thoughts and insights from the trail. The feature will run Sunday-Thursday through November 8. Look for the Express Lane daily, sometime between 6 and 9 pm ET.

Twitter Space discussion tomorrow 12:15 pm et: DeSantis, immigrants, Texas, Martha’s Vineyard, etc

Join us on my Twitter @kkfla737 tomorrow at 12:15 pm ET for a discussion with Massachusetts-based Tim Smyth and our own Dave Trotter on Wednesday and Thursday’s earth-shattering events.

NatCon3 Miami: DeSantis outlines vision for anti-capitalist, state control while simultaneously claiming Biden “regime” controls big tech

You can’t make this stuff up. Watch the below speech, delivered earlier this week at the National Conservative conference in Miami. A combination of laughable and highly-charged frightening stuff.

The Focus Group – Florida Man with Marc Caputo

Marc Caputo, of NBC News (former Politico, The Miami Herald, and The Palm Beach Post) knows Florida about as well as any political reporter in the last two decades. He sat in on this podcast with Sarah Longwell of The Bulwark , and it should be essential listening for all those who make political assumptions, […]

DeSantis and toll roads – the end of the romance shows, performance art > governing for him

The most blatant pandering possible was undertaken by Governor Ron DeSantis this week as he announced in Orlando. DeSantis claims the six-month program, essentially a toll rebate for frequent Sun Pass users, will save commuters an estimated $38 million. Ironically, despite being announced in Orlando, most toll roads in Orange County are NOT covered by […]

The race of our lives – Crist v DeSantis : Sunshine v Darkness

Florida is the Sunshine State. However, we not only have been covered by dark clouds the last four years, but we face the prospect of permanent descent into our own Dark Ages where individualism, tribalism and selfishness will prevail over our collective goals. This November, we face the most critical choice imaginable. Return to the […]

Governor Crist comes out swinging as he absolutely NAILS a CNN interview

The best messaging yet against Autocrat Ron DeSantis was found in this interview of Charlie Crist by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Watch the entire interview, Governor Crist is on fire and on message in a way he has not been in the past. Now if we could just get some television ads funded with these themes…

Alex Jones on DeSantis: “We have someone who is better than Trump. Way better than Trump”

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of Infowars has effectively endorsed Ron DeSantis for President, and confirmed my view that DeSantis is EXPONENTIALLY worse than Donald Trump. Interestingly Jones does have a history with Florida elected officials having once played host to Alan Grayson, currently a candidate in Florida’s 10th Congressional District Democratic Primary.