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(VIDEO) Looking at the Democrats seeking to challenge Ron DeSantis

Who is the Democrats best bet to challenge Ron DeSantis and why aren’t the Democrats running against “Florida Man,” which IS Ron DeSantis?

What are our readers expectations for 2022?

Will Covid be back under control? Will Governor DeSantis ride to an easy reelection? Will the Democrats seriously contest any other cabinet offices? Will Democrats voter registration woes reverse itself? Will international tourism to Florida recover this year? A lot to ponder as we enter 2022. This is an open forum, have at it!

The DeSantis era Florida GOP pivot on race could open door for Democrats

Florida’s population today is more non-white than anytime since the passage of the Federal Voting Rights Act in 1965. Yet in 2020, Florida went more Republican at the top-of-the-ticket than any election since 2004 (top-of-the-ticket races were: 2006 US Senate, 2008 Presidential, 2010 US Senate, 2012 Presidential, 2014 Governor, 2016 Presidential, 2018 US Senate). Winning […]

A case for Crist: Why Charlie Crist for Governor makes sense for Florida’s citizens (but maybe not for Democratic partisans)

Charlie Crist has announced he’s running for Governor for a third time – he was elected to the office as a Republican in 2006, becaming an independent during the last weeks of his final legislative session in 2010, and ran as a Democrat, winning the nomination but losing a close General Election in 2014. National […]