Monthly Archives: September 2020

When Florida was a tech hub

These days, nobody think of Florida as a hub of the tech industry. But that was not always the case. On this week’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss Florida’s time as one of the great high tech hubs in the USA from the 1970’s to the 1990’s including the creation of the first mass market […]

The Vent: Episode 1 – Progressives need to wake up to the reality of 2020

We debut a new weekly podcast, The Vent. In this episode, Dave and Kartik talk about the progressive movement in the United States after the defeat of Bern. The podcast will focus on Florida voting, US politics and foreign affairs. This week, we focus broadly on the progressive movement. The podcast features discussions on the […]

Disney MGM v Universal

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the opening of Disney’s MGM Studios in 1989, as well the competition between Disney and Universal in Central Florida. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free […]

1872: When Florida had two Governors

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the controversy of 1872 when Florida had two men claiming to be Governor, following an acrimonious legislative session. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, […]

Biden’s Florida Latino problem is real. Here are 7 reasons why

A slew of polling in the last week has indicated Joe Biden has a real problem with Latino voters in Florida. These polls came as a shock to many political observers but as my Twitter feed indicates (if you go back a bit), I had detected the softness of Biden’s support among Latino’s before any […]

Guest column: Conscripting Troops for the Trump/DeSantis offensive

By Drake Buckman Editors note: A version of this column has run in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. It is reworked slightly and published here with permission from the author. This past week, 80,000 Sarasota parents will have to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. On Aug. 31, 43,000 children in Sarasota County […]

85th Anniversary: World War I veterans wash away in most powerful Hurricane ever to hit the US

The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane is the subject of this week’s Florida History Podcast. One of the great tragedies of the Labor Day storm was the death of hundreds of World War I veterans who were building the Overseas Railroad as part of the New Deal’s WPA program. This was just a few years after […]