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Pat Caddell legacy: Visionary or Traitor?

Pat Caddell attended the private Catholic high school, Bishop Kenny, in Jacksonville.  He was known as a statistical whiz who helped get Jimmy Carter elected President and later was a contributor to Fox News.  An article in the local newspaper, read, “Long before there was Karl Rove and James Carville, there was Patrick Caddell.”  He […]

A Star is Born: Beautiful and Flawed

A “Star is Born” goes to the heart of what is what is killing music.  Technology, commercial interests and over-produced songs have crushed an art form that formerly captured human emotion and elevated the soul. If video killed the radio star in the 1980s then reality television stomped out any integrity or creativity that remained. […]

The New Orthodoxy: Identity Politics Captures Democratic Party

Congressman Tim Ryan, D-Ohio., challenged Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-CA., for house minority leader in 2016.  This year he has chosen not to run. Ryan, who is a white male, is probably making a wise call to not challenge the left’s new orthodoxy, which is identity politics.   Identity politics of the left venerates women and […]

Jaguars Swan Dive Into The Abyss

Tom Coughlin is ready for some fisticuffs. At seventy-two Coughlin, executive vice president of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is ready to throw down to defend his personnel decisions. During a radio interview Coughlin announced, “I’ll put on the gloves with anyone that wants to talk about” the team’s personnel decisions. Coughlin and head coach, Doug Marone […]

Jalen Ramsey: Rock Star Or Royal Pain In The Ass?

  Jacksonville Jaguar cornerback Jalen Ramsey doesn’t care what you think of him. Just ask him.  In August he told ESPN, “I don’t really care what people think about me, to be honest.”   It’s a theme he returns to often. During the preseason he criticized a number of NFL players including the league’s top […]

Jacksonville Jaguars: Manic Depression Is A Frustrating Mess

Last year’s 10-6 record, playoff wins over Buffalo and Pittsburgh and a narrow loss to New England in the AFC Championship game made Jaguars fans born again optimistic; borderline cocky. Local sports radio hosts and CBS Sports analysts Tony Romo and Pete Prisco predicted a berth to the Super Bowl. But pre-season optimism has become […]

Fear and Loathing in 2018

It’s less than a week until election day and we’re all going to die. A mass shooting in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite, 15 pipe bombs sent through the mail to left-wing political figures and a racially motivated shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.  On the international front, hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hondurans are headed toward the […]

The Call To Rebuild America

Every month the number of jobs added to the economy gets a lot of publicity.  Recently, the economy has added about 200,000 jobs a month which sounds and feels good combined with headline unemployment of 5 percent.   But there is a story these numbers do not tell and a darker reality that is less […]

Corrine Brown’s Florida Legacy

Most of the public knows Congressman Corrine Brown through her coverage on television and in the newspaper.  The media stories have been almost universally negative.    But, it is worth asking how she was able to get so much done, if she was only up to no good?    Her methods were unorthodox and even […]

Republicans Eliminate Jacksonville Voice in D.C.

The Republicans found Congresswoman Corrine Brown very useful for 23 years.    The first reason is her district helped them win Congressional seats in Northeast and Central Florida.    The district included most of Jacksonville’s black population and Democrats.  Jacksonville’s other Congressional district was largely whitewashed of minority voters which made it a very safe […]