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Fear and Loathing in 2018

It’s less than a week until election day and we’re all going to die. A mass shooting in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite, 15 pipe bombs sent through the mail to left-wing political figures and a racially motivated shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.  On the international front, hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hondurans are headed toward the […]

The Call To Rebuild America

Every month the number of jobs added to the economy gets a lot of publicity.  Recently, the economy has added about 200,000 jobs a month which sounds and feels good combined with headline unemployment of 5 percent.   But there is a story these numbers do not tell and a darker reality that is less […]

Corrine Brown’s Florida Legacy

Most of the public knows Congressman Corrine Brown through her coverage on television and in the newspaper.  The media stories have been almost universally negative.    But, it is worth asking how she was able to get so much done, if she was only up to no good?    Her methods were unorthodox and even […]

Republicans Eliminate Jacksonville Voice in D.C.

The Republicans found Congresswoman Corrine Brown very useful for 23 years.    The first reason is her district helped them win Congressional seats in Northeast and Central Florida.    The district included most of Jacksonville’s black population and Democrats.  Jacksonville’s other Congressional district was largely whitewashed of minority voters which made it a very safe […]

U.S. and Saudi Arabia: A cold “peace”, Part II

Part One can be found here  In August of 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait and stationed four tank divisions on the border of Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden offered the services of his mujahidin soldiers, based in Afghanistan, to defend Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia sought the protection of the U.S. military and President George H.W. Bush […]

U.S. and Saudi Arabia: A Cold “Peace”, Part I

  A number of issues have recently come to a head between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.  The most important is the Saudi Arabian connection to terrorism.  This question is being decided in the federal courts, the U.S. Congress and between both countries.    60 Minutes recently produced a story on the “28 Pages” of […]

CD 4: Thunder on the Right in wake of Crenshaw retirement

  The 4th congressional district in Northeast Florida has been an anomaly for the last twenty-four years.  In 1992 the district was radically changed by the Florida Legislature to create a base for a rabidly conservative member of Congress.    However, the voters of the district have elected moderate Republicans Tillie K. Fowler and Ander […]

A History of Cynicism in Recent Democratic Presidential Races

  Mark Twain supposedly said, “history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.”  Yet history, in the Democratic primary between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Senator Bernie Sanders, appears to be repeating. Democrats are well known for circular firing squads and eating their own.  However, this enthusiasm often abates during general elections against actual […]


According to a recent article in, more than 60 percent of stock owners believe the market is rigged for insiders. They favor stricter regulations on financial institutions and nearly 90 percent believe the federal government has failed to limit the power of Wall Street. With no lack of irony the House Financial Services Committee […]

Montana Governor Schweitzer’s Road to the Vice Presidency

Former Senator Hillary Clinton does not, and will not, want to include former Governor Brian Schweitzer as her Vice Presidential nominee if she wins the Democratic nomination. However, baring a more viable challenger, it is possible Schweitzer may become the inevitable choice; even after a bruising primary. In recent polling former Senator Hillary Clinton averages […]