The Face of War: Slava Ukraini

Marina Saprova left Chechnya when the Russians invaded in 1994 and moved to Ukraine.  In 2014 the Russians invaded her city in Ukraine, so she moved again.  Now the Russians are invading her new home and she was asked by a reporter why she didn’t find another place to live.  She replied, “I’m tired.  Tired of being afraid.  I want to tell the Russian mothers they should take their sons back to their homeland.  We do not want to kill them.  But if they come at us with weapons…we will fight…and destroy them.”

The Russians have been raining so much hell on the citizens of the region they have created a new race of people – accidental veterans.  These veterans would be content to live as civilians if only they were allowed.  But the naked aggression of Vladimir Putin makes this impossible.  Tired of being intimidated, threatened and afraid they are now filled with bottomless resolution.  It has been reported that sixteen thousand foreign residents have poured into Ukraine to join the fight against the Russian military.    

Many of them will likely die but they are prepared for this fate and will not run, again.  They would rather die. 

Russians would be wise to consider the thoughts of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto when bombing Pearl Harbor.   He reportedly wrote, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve.”

After the Pearl Harbor bombing America was flat on its back.  But the sleeping giant was now awake with its eyes wide open.  A terrible determination was unleashed and, with its allies, the giant destroyed two countries, including Japan. 

Yamamoto was not wrong and the Ukrainians may prevail.    


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