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Democrats need to acknowledge security issues and anxieties before 2018 election

The excesses and arrogance of Donald Trump’s Administration and clownish behavior seem to have made Democrats forget why they lost the 2016 election. White working class voters abandoning the Democrats en masse  were due in large measures to economic concerns – but security issues also played a role. While Trump’s push on this issue might […]

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Trump’s foreign policy – lots of bark, little bite

Donald Trump’s tough talk seemingly always leads to controversy. Time and again the bombastic rhetoric of candidate Trump and now  the 45th President has created controversy and global headlines. Trump’s mantra isn’t Rooseveltian at all – speak loudly and carry a little stick. While domestically Trump continues to push an extreme agenda that conflicts with […]

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Guest Column: How the Ukraine conflict explains American ethno-nationalism.

By Dave Trotter After the election of Donald Trump, the United States has been awakened to a new reality, the impact of ethno-nationalism in federal elections. Of course, many of us always thought that there was some sort of nationalist element within our body politic, but always thought that it was a minority. And while […]

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Trump’s refugee ban: My letter to the Indian Prime Minister urging counter-action against the US & UK

Prime Minister Modi, As an American citizen of Indian origin, I take pride in what my home nation offers in way of leadership for the nations outside the west or the orbit of the American Empire (dba United States of America). India has for seventy five years proven a shining light for the oppressed people’s […]

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Trump – China’s Manchurian Candidate? (And other thoughts)

I spend most of my life on Twitter (which is why I have a minimal presence on other social media platforms). My Twitter following is varied between political people, soccer fans and just random folks but I do have over 5,500 followers on the social media site so it provides a great platform for me […]

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Castro’s death and improving relations aren’t stopping flow of Cubans to Florida – why?

The death of Fidel Castro last month as well as the liberalization of relations between the United States and Cuba is doing little to stem the flow of migrants to Florida from the island nation. According to the Associated Press,  Over 50 Cuban migrants landed in the Keys on Sunday, in three different locales. Earlier […]

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Marco Rubio – Florida’s shame

Cuban dictator/revolutionary/leader, etc Fidel Castro passed away in the wee hours Saturday. The Castro legacy divides Floridians more than others – the large Cuban exile community in southeast Florida loathed the man while many on the left have noted that Castro was a freedom fighter against a right-wing dictatorship that was propped up by the […]