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Beyond saving western democracy (no hyperbole ) Macron’s victory broadly points to themes Democrats need to seize on

Emmanuel Macron’s resounding re-election victory in the French Presidential Election has potentially massive implications for Democrats in the US. Macron defeated far-right populist Marine Le Pen, whose ideology broadly resembles that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Le Pen’s neo-fascism has found broader appeal in France over the last ten years than in the past and […]

TFS + Early Access- A discussion on the French Election

Tim Smyth and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the French Presidential Election Runoff which takes place on Sunday.

Cool hand Vlad or Crazy Ivan?

This month’s invasion of the Ukraine marks a new era in Russia’s relations with the rest of the world.  Vladimir Putin inherited Russia in a time of economic and political collapse.  Slowly he stabilized the economy and gradually stabilized the domestic political scene.  As an authoritarian thug he jailed, tortured and killed his political opponents.  […]

Florida Democrats wisely begin pivoting in light of Biden’s successful opening with Venezuela

President Biden’s pragmatic shift in foreign policy over the last six months, a shift from continuing the inconsistent treatment of various authoritarian regimes, to a Realpolitik that emphasizes the current Cold War with China, and increasingly hot wars with Russia, has taken a strong turn in the last week. Isolating Russia should absolutely be the […]

Venezuela, Iran, India, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia – Realpolitik in the era of Putin’s War

The Biden Administration has a rare opportunity to realign American foreign and economic policy in the era of Russia’s War on Ukraine. Realpolitik needs to be employed here instead of the GOP cries that certain regimes are as bad as Russia- truthfully the nations that need to be punished are China and India, economic powers […]

Russia’s next stages in Ukraine

The Russians have had a tough time combating the Ukrainian conventional forces as they wisely dispersed prior to the Russian invasion.  These forces are now being used to launch hit and run raids against the Russians.   An outmatched Ukrainian military has sought to avoid pitched battles which they could easily lose.  The Russians have now […]

The Face of War: Slava Ukraini

Marina Saprova left Chechnya when the Russians invaded in 1994 and moved to Ukraine.  In 2014 the Russians invaded her city in Ukraine, so she moved again.  Now the Russians are invading her new home and she was asked by a reporter why she didn’t find another place to live.  She replied, “I’m tired.  Tired […]

The Lincoln Project: The GOP’s Mother Russia

Significant for Florida because, I assume Florida’s Rick Wilson is behind this very slick and smart ad.

CPAC 22: Uniting the pro-Putin right with the pro-Putin left

CPAC 2022 returns to Orlando for a second successive year, as Governor Ron DeSantis along with his media allies have made Florida the epicenter of American “conservatism” which is in reality a rejection of traditional conservatism. The conference will kick off Thursday and in addition to Governor DeSantis, one of the featured speakers will be […]

Red Storm Receding – The limits of Putin’s ambitions

While most of the world focuses on Russia and Ukraine a consequential situation is evolving in resource rich Central Asia.  In January 2022, Vladimir Putin’s troops helped crush protestors in Kazakhstan.  His efforts to rebuild the former Soviet Empire may appear unstoppable.  But profound changes in the region mean time and tide are moving against […]